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Country furniture and gifts for the farmhand in your life.


Popular species of fish include bass, sunny, marlin, dogfish and trout. Krestwood Park,Dakota County, dist.

Valley Middle Park,Dakota County, dist. Fire rings are at the rear of the site, but well away from the neighboring flirtende besked. Widely recognized as one of the premier public golf courses in the Twin Cities area.

Zoo-goers can touch sharks, dolphins and other monsters of the deep in Discovery Bay. The hot and fast action nearly melts the ice, despite the frigid January temperatures.

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There was also a period of no water due to a problem with the main but it was fixed quickly. The city sponsors many music festivals throughout the year, and Kelley Park is a fun destination for all ages, especially in the summer, and particularly for those under two years.

Tour the city through the backdoor on the most popular mode of transit of the future. Looking for some winter fun and the exciting prospect of being paralyzed from the face down?

Culver's of Apple Valley, MN - Galaxie Ave

Great stopover for hikers, campers, bikers, anglers and nature buffs. Summertime travelers can enjoy a plethora of water activities, ranging from the most mundane and pleasureful pontoon boat afternoons to a heart-stopping ride aboard rental jet skis.

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Farquar Park,Dakota County, dist. Due to increasing occurrences of theft, drivers no longer equip their cabs with GPS navigation units.

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The community center also provides adult education opportunities at no cost. This guide uses the following price ranges for a typical meal for one, including soft drink: It is popular, so reservations are highly recommended. Frank Lloyd Wright fans will swoon to see some of his later buildings, arguably designed at the height of his creative career.

On the pond, skill, speed and toughness are tested to their limits and champions are immediately vaulted into iconic status within the community, free to revel in glory for eternity.

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A little tired of having fun in the sun? During the summer months, the city parks are a destination for organized and impromptu athletic contests, chess matches, and plenty more.

Moeller Park,Dakota County, dist. Prices are heavily discounted.

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Don your most comfortable shoes and indulge! Interstate 35E runs parallel to city lines. Sunset Park,Dakota County, dist.

Best Restaurants in Apple Valley, MN

No other city on earth takes fast food so seriously; for those who don't concern themselves with calorie counting, Apple Valley is cheap, greasy heaven. Keller Park,Dakota County, dist. Utecht Pond Park,Dakota County, dist. No matter what you enjoy, you'll have a chance to eat well in Apple Valley, and you won't need to spend a lot of money doing it; unless you want to, of course.

It was modeled after an anonymous high school student who, bored with the standard sloppy joe being served at lunch, asked that even more slop be added to his joe. There is also a petting zoo. Cedar Knolls Park,Dakota County, dist.

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So grab your auger and rental icehouse and head out on to the lake! Pennock Park,Dakota County, dist. Several indoor rinks provide a warmer, more hospitable environment, but for those that want a true experience, head outside and wait your turn on the boards. Take a time-out and cast a line in one of seemingly endless watering holes.

Noon-5PM daily, 12 Jun Aug. Woodbury Park,Dakota County, dist.

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