Persona 4 - The Cutting Room Floor Persona 4 - The Cutting Room Floor

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By the end of the Social Link, Rise eventually realize that "Risette" isn't a fabricated personality, but one of her many traits. Report this line if you see it, tester!

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Fox reverse SLink message. Hierophant Commu is now available, Just talk to Ryoutarou at night to activate it. However, Teddie himself suffers a massive backlash, and becomes a wrinkling, skinny bear. Nautical dawn or civil dawn, which one is brighter?

Depending on your choices when confronting Namedame will decide on which ending you'll take. Rise is able to identify enemies weakness, interfere with the flow of battle to increase party stats and even heal them. As the protagonist quickly settled into his foster home of the Dojimas and starts to make new friends, the TV World appears just as suddenly as the murders.

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Speak to the loud old man near the shrine. Chie will call you if you want to hang out tomorrow, Must rescue Naoto first October 2 Weather: Because a new school semester is about to start You character will study to prepare for the new semester.

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Through this decision, Rise had finally come to terms with her individuality. It is the direct sequel to the game, Persona 4 Arenawhich is itself a follow-up to the role-playing game, Shin Megami Tensei: Characteristically, whenever the group faces a dilemma, it was always Rise who will lighten the mood.

New Bonus Boss in Void Quest is now available.

Rise Kujikawa

Yukiko and Rise also can be found on this floor. Sun Social Link will call you, if you want to hang out for tomorrow. The Book Shop sells a different particular magazine each month, which helps you increase your status parameter. There's new leftovers in the fridge Increase Bravery when consumed September 14 Weather: Cultural Festival Day 2.

You have till August 12 to finish this dungeon. You will come here for Rise plot arc. Minazuki claims to have been born to grant Sho's wish to create a world without bonds.

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Your relationship with Chie isn't going well. This was the biggest problem that she faced in the series. Adachi outwardly agrees, but decides to sabotage him in order to honour his promise to the Investigation Team to follow society's rules, and subtly manipulates the Investigation Team towards defeating Sho.

Then it'll skip to August I know "Ham" is a bad actor, but where does the term come from?

Intimate Relationships

Speak to the Student with the Afro at the third floor of the school. A new Issue of the Man series Declining Manliness is now available at the book store.

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Talk about using your profession to your advantage! Yosuke goes to cram school to prepare for college; Teddie continues his work at Junes; Chie studies hard to become a police officer; Yukiko learns how to cook for her inn; Kanji studies hard to take over his family business; Naoto decides to investigate more about Shadows and Kirijo Group-related incidents and remnants; Rise returns to show business; and Yu returns home, disbanding the Investigation Team for good.

Enervation All status is cut in half. Other characters, like Fuuka Yamagishi and Theodore from Persona 3 appear in a non-playable capacity. Notwithstanding Minazuki uses his dangerous pressure to weaken him, and he's brutally beaten, though Adachi remarks that Sho still has a chance to redeem himself like he did.

You can now save the game by checking the calendar.

Rise Kujikawa

He provides support to our protagonist at the beginning by offering them glasses that clears up the fog inside the Mayonaka TV. Speak to the loud old man near the shrine.

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Go to shopping district south and speak to the man near the book shop. Go to the third floor of the school and speak to the student with the afro.

Tuesday September 28 Weather: If you see this, bug it.

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Shuffle time now only offer 3 cards.