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Yu's cousin Nanako, the Justice Social Link in P4, is now a playable character, as well as a major character in the plot. While the above suicide is nightmarish, that is the only death shown, compared to the main story having at least 3 canon deaths and possibly more if you screw up the playthrough.

At the game's end, Margaret assures the player that the members of the Investigation Team will continue to grow as people and help others in need. Rise's bike skills are unique in that, rather than being normal battle skills, they are power-ups to the All-Out Attack.

And sure enough, when the Voice tries to do this to Kanami using the real-life LMB audience instead of their cherry-picked sample, the negative opinions are all drowned out by the overwhelming majority of the fans who do believe in Kanami.

One of his moves involves him thrusting his arm forward while pointing sideways, which he originally did, albeit with a revolver instead of pointing, as his idle animation in said boss fight and his weak jab in Ultimax.

However, her true worry was finding her true identity. The instruments used by the Persona at the end of each level are the same type of instruments played by the individual Investigation Team members for all except Teddie, Rise, Naoto and Izanagi-no-Okami.

This prevents the Investigation Team from saving the kidnapped victims by force as they are used to, but it also keeps the Big Bad from curb-stomping the party once it goes full One-Winged Angel at the end.

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While the Investigation Team is dancing, the Personas have been armed with musical instruments to play when summoned. Social Link Edit After her kidnapping, Rise shows a less-than-subtle crush towards the protagonist, and eventually creates the Lovers Arcana Social Link with him.

The song "Calystegia" is a reference to the flower "Morning Glory", a weed that grows in ribbon-like vines. Kanji's taken off his jacket and switched to a tight, sleeveless shirt.

Persona x Detective Naoto Edit Rise has returned to work as an idol and plays a minor role in this spin-off novel. In addition to the Investigation Team retaining their colors from the original RPG, Kanamin Kitchen and Ochimizu enact this trope as well, with yellow for Kanami, pink for Sumomo, blue for Tomoe, white for Tamami, black for Nozomi and green for Ochimizu.

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The protagonist can also acquire one to hang in his room by going with Ann Takamaki to Harajuku. Series-wide — "Pursuing My True Self" appears in the openings of the beginning and ending of the Persona 4 series.

The Animation"Beauty of Destiny", "Believe in beauty of destiny, it's fire""Burn My Dread", and the famous opening lines of "Mass Destruction" from Persona 3 "Spitfire, burn these dreads, b-b-b-baby". Reading Short on Cash on your sofa. And with so many enemies out there — there are hundreds and hundreds of starting territories — how do you ever succeed?

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Working part time at folding envelopes. On stage her agency makes her wear blonde wigs, prescription color contacts and a dress that makes her chest downright pop out off her torso.

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The pain-inducing song the Eerie Voice uses to entice Shadows. During the December event, when the second Reaper appears, Rise decided to stay behind for Yu, Yosuke and Teddie to search for the real Adachi, while she helped out Chie and Yukiko's battle.

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In the anime, a billboard is shown advertising Sapphire the day Ren first arrives in the station. Her SP skill, Risette Field is incredibly buffed, recovering almost instantly after use. However, it's soon apparent that the Voice is just reusing the same four people over and over again, who themselves are not described in any positive terms The fans quoted are referred to as Frivolous, Cynical, Timid, and Sleazy Voices.

The entire Story Mode is like that; You go from fluffy scenes about Nanako and Kanami bonding to horrible revelations about the agency's dark past and terrible implications about the victims of the Midnight Stage rumours.

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While the four Kanimin Kitchen girls are being rescued, each one of them is revealed to have insecurities that are causing events to unfold in a similar manner as the Investigation Team's Shadows. That in itself is not shocking, but what Paradox struggled with was making the game hard enough.

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Accepting her true self, the Shadow nods, and transforms into Himiko, becoming Rise's Persona. When Yu took her home, Rise asked him if she could join them to help catch the culprit. Besides Arena and the anime, this game also firmly establishes "Yu Narukami" as the name of Persona 4's protagonist.

Going to culture club after school. Paying attention during lessons at school.

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Naoto has stopped binding her chest and undone the first few buttons on her dress shirt. It has cross-platform multiplayer and will support Steam Workshop.

Forgot About His Powers: The Big Bad attempts to permanently achieve this with the Shadows on the Midnight Stage and their unwitting victims. On June 24th, Shadow Rise shows the real Rise all her different identities, and asks which is her real self; Rise struggles to answer, not knowing for certain who in fact was the "real Rise.

She has Tetrakarn and Makarakarn active and thus making it hard to land successful hits on her. Defeating the bonus bosses at dungeons. The individual character trailers for the Investigation Team contrast and compliment the energetic dancing with each of its members talking about what they learned about themselves and sometimes doling out sobering, but practical, life advice.

After completing each song, the Investigation Team members summon their Persona to finish off the Shadows with an instrumental solo: However, during their way back passing Marukyu, Rise's grandmother claims that Rise has gone away. She tells them that Rise is to perform at the festival with Kanami instead of her friends, who will be dropped from the show entirely.

For more information, go here. Rise and the others are forcefully pulled by yellow ribbons into the portal and find themselves in the "other world" where those who watch the video are taken to and Shadows apparently inhabit, called the "Midnight Stage.

In the epilogue, the Investigation Team complains that the weather has become hotter ever since Yu left and that "someone is doing it on purpose".

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By going on special forms of dates with each party member, involving the use of the bikes, the player is given the option of either having the party member in question learn a brand-new skill or relearn any old skill that they have forgotten.

In battle, Rise uses a microphone as a weapon as well as manipulating musical notes and can even analyze opponents, changing her attacks' properties. She is ultimately unable to find Teddie, due to the heavy fog. Chie opens up her signature green jacket and wears a Bare Your Midriff tanktop.


A person with a good eye can tell how the color palette can look off when looking down from the face to the body. In The Lovers S. Going to the sports club. She helps support the others in helping Labrys accept her shadow and becomes friends with Labrys. Being caught in the Midnight Stage's song and ribbons causes one to lose their individuality and being forced into becoming what the Shadows will them to be.

Rise later found out that after she abandons showbiz, her old manager found another rising star, which greatly irritates her.