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The title pages of his Jack Frost and Jack Frost 2 reviews are drawings of very heartwarming scenes between him and Lupa.

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The crew eventually finds the plans for the Death Bomb, a large bomb shaped vessel in which the Executor is residing in. During his March 30, review, titled "Funny Games Again," he used a reference from the show to play an early April Fools phelous and lupa dating on his viewers.

The Brightest Christmas review, he repeatedly calls out the father for leaving his children unsupervised in a cabin with no way to contact the outside world, and says the only good ending would involve Child Protection Services taking the kids away after his negligence nearly got two of them killed.

After some arguing, Phelous D1 shoots New Phelous.

The Good Flirtiest emojis in real life - Phelous Phelan Porteous 2 years ago The Real Ghostbusters was an amazing show at 1st and really stood out for its quality writing and characters!

However, things begin to go badly as their shields are brought down.

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His action figures which he placed on the shelf behind him disappear. Bootleg Zones was first posted on March 6th,and focuses on overseas bootlegs of popular brands. Approaching Europa in order to save Spoony, Phelous takes command of the ship from the Critic, deciding that he has had enough of living in his shadow.

Being an obvious fan of both the classic and current series of "Doctor Who," Phelous placed numerous references to the long-running sci-fi show in his reviews.

After the President has been knocked out, Phelous fought over the crown of Kickassia with his fellow critics, but was convinced to give back the nation to its rightful owner by a resurrected Santa Phelous and lupa dating. Insano's equipment, Phelous helped modify the Critic's house into a spaceship, which launches shortly after its construction.

Cinema Snob was taken to a trial where Phelous suggests that he be exiled instead of killed, which the Critic, again, takes as his own idea.

Phelous 8-bit Intro ThisIsGamer 7 years ago The awesome 8 bit rendition of "Oh Phelous" featured on his latest review of Triangle which is full of plot holes. MK Defenders of the Realm: Though Rob understood, Mike didn't and took down all his videos from the site.

An Angel for Christmas Goodtimes - Phelous Phelan Porteous 8 months ago An Angel comes a to town run by an evil flange factory, whose owner totally isn't a Scrooge stand in, which has banned Christmas.

From within the Plot Hole, The Critic realizes that in order for the universe to survive the out of control Plot Hole, it must increase in size in order to properly swallow reality without any damage.

Mavilda, who loves losing money given to her by This included recreating the various intros for the show and quoting lines from certain episodes.

Kevin Baugh, the former president of the nation, points out how Phelous might be as President, prompting the reviewer to consider the thought. Character Moments Kickassia Phelous was one of the reviewers called upon by the Nostalgia Critic to help in his takeover of Molossia.

Panda is wearing an outfit similar to the Eleventh Doctor. If he ever does really stop making movie reviews, then this is the perfect model for him to re-visit. Slimer, Is That You? At first, Phelous seems happy, until he realizes that he still has to review "Resident Evil: After the death of Santa Christ, Linkara comes up with a plan to overthrow the power-hungry Critic, and Phelous couldn't have been happier to personally beat up the Critic.

The Adventure to Shrek Feast - Phelous Phelan Porteous 3 years ago Will their dreams of forcing Shrek to make them breakfast come true or will breakfast once again be ruined?

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In Phelous's next review, however, he revives yet again, failing to acknowledge the recent events. After taking a brief second look at "Funny Games," a film he devoted his third ever review on, Phelous is shot by a piece of stock footage.

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Make that triple if you make the connection that the official Splinter action figure that he uses to compare with knock-offs in Bootleg Zones is probably the one from the home movie.

Unfortunately our heroes aren't having anything close to that as they are living in a Join us as we look at the wolf dog that tries to be nothing like his father. Though they were luring into the house by being told it was a video game reality show and they are continually getting jerked around by the producers.

He is also the co-creator of "Eskimo Bob" with his brother Alan. The Critic decides to go to Europa to save the other members of the away team and Marzgurl takes command, though Phelous claims he is still the captain, but repeatedly gets killed before he can speak his suggestions.

Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer: Probably the most heartwarming moment in the LP is when they kissed in Part 5. If you want an Old Man Shirt you can buy In order to show his superiority, Phelous takes SadPanda and Bennett the Sage with him to save Spoony, even though they are parodying Star Trek and he is wearing a red shirt.

In order to intimidate the Critic and his crew, Terrl orders one of the men to kill Phelous.

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The logo was also used in Welshy 's "Cult of Personality" logo. However, upon reflecting on every death he has suffered, Phelous decides it's time to let go.

Phelous & Lupa - Tender Loving Care - Part 3

However, he started to redo dialog afterward and as of episode 4 it's all completely new. We see the entirety of the home video in the unofficial Miraculous Merchanise Zone episode where he takes a look at the figures of the Turtles.

Suddenly, Phelous D1still played by Phelan, bursts into the room and says that he's gone too far. After Allison was unjustly fired by Mike Michaud, Phelan resigned from the site in protest. Aladdin and the Adventure of All Time Part 1 - Phelous Phelan Porteous 4 years ago A bookworm must travel through time with Aladdin to stop an evil sorceress from hiding the magic lamp in random locations and times.

The first videos he made, for the internet, were flash videos such as Dragonball Z and Transformers "Prime's Death Take 2".

Are Phelous And Lupa Still Dating

However, Phelous gets too into character and eerily talks to his friends as if they were real, aggressively demanding that the Critic say hello to them and that they were more alive than 8 Bit Mickey. Phelous ultimately plays the part of "The Red Shirt" from Star Trek, constantly dying in different ways throughout the series and appearing fine just moments later.

Deciding to take some initiative while also dodging Red Shirt causes of death such as a missle and a carPhelous and the crew manages to cause the enemy's house to crash into the Bomb killing the Executor and eventually the rest of the villians.