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I would love to do some more stunt work. She commented, "It was so excited to have landed the opportunity.

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She continued to resist his attempts to get her to change her mind and made it clear that she only wanted to be friends with him. Northeast said the siblings had a strong bond.

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She was also involved in a plane crash, where she became convinced that she survived because Oscar was protecting her. Among them are She and Speer were the first pairing and producers kept coming back to them as they realised that they had the right chemistry. When Maddy discovered Evie's infatuation with Josh, she exposed it to all gulrotkake langpanne brunt sukker dating friends, leading to a confrontation between Josh and Evie.

The couple were kidnapped and taken to the farmhouse, where they were tied up together.

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After initially striking a relationship with Kassandra Clementi's character Maddy Osbourne, Jackson's character Josh fell for brunette beauty Evelyn Meanwhile Philippa had her culinary requests at hand, saying her ideal meal would be 'roasted salmon with greens and a pesto dressing'.

She also noted that Evie's style had come a long way since her days in the cult. After the journey, Josh helped Evie to dismount and they ended up kissing.

Josh will turn to former girlfriend Maddy in the wake of Casey's death.

She really wanted them to see the good side in him, the side that Evie sees. Evie was "overwhelmed with relief", but she later broke down as she was further reminded of her mother's death.

I think we—as a society—are really giving but it's hard to know how to help sometimes. Josh and Hannah eventually turned up at the house alive, but Josh was forced to tell Evie that Oscar had been killed.

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She's really hoping for the impossible. When Spencer admitted to Evie that he had a crush on her, she was forced to tell him that she only liked him as a friend, as she had feelings for Josh.

She managed to convince Spencer to leave and return to Summer Bay with her.

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The actress added that Evie would go on "a massive journey" over the following months. It was a really personal storyline that I wanted to do. After Hannah informed Zac that the twins and their father Ethan Matt Minto had seemingly been brainwashed, he visited them at the retreat they had moved to.

But she thought that it would also be challenging due to Evie's irrational nature, adding "she's a truth teller, which is hard to swallow, but she's a good mate in the end.

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However, Oscar initially refused to take the test, as he did not want to know his fate. Northeast told an Inside Soap columnist that neither Josh or Evie see it coming, but Josh did not want to waste another minute and he used a champagne wire as a ring.

Share 'If it's not matched I get really upset,' he laughed.

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After weeks of warnings about him from family and friends, Tank finally reveals his true colours when he tries to hold her captive in a remote bush shack.

Murray had Spencer taken away and Evie later found him badly beaten.

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There is such a divide between the wealthy and the poor, particularly with refugees. Early in their relationship, Tank and Evie had unprotected sex and Evie was advised to take the morning-after pill in a bid to prevent pregnancy. Evie is a lost girl, clinging to anything that might bring Oscar back.

He kept the truth from her while she was grieving.


She turned down a 21st birthday party in favour of a camping trip with family and friends including Jake Speer, who plays her twin brother Oscar on the series — and she is a huge fan of Aussie Rules football.

The characters had a ceremonial wedding before leaving the Bay for Vietnam.

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She also admitted that she cried when Speer told her that he was leaving the cast. She also learned Zac was helping Tank to get parole and saw it as a betrayal.