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On Plasterk brief nsa hookups night Mr Plasterk barely escaped with his job, after a withering ten-hour parliamentary debate ended in a narrowly rejected no-confidence motion at 2am. Media revelations based on documents leaked by Snowden, the former NSA contractor, over American mass surveillance programs caused outrage among Europeans.

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Since he has also been an author and columnist for several national publications. Out of all 97 billion sets of information, about 3 billion data sets originated from U. Before the show aired, the Holden sacrilegious atheist dating Kidney Foundation told a reporter "they welcomed all the attention the show had brought on the subject" but also stated that "their way of doing it is not ours, and it will bring no practical solution".

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It was poor judgment and I am sorry. Dutch culture minister Ronald Plasterk, citing Dutch law, refused to prohibit the television program, although he found the program to be unethical due to its competitive element.

No drugged drunk driving If you still think everything is possible in Holland, such as driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, then think again.

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Anyone interested in a copy? In the Netherlands, privacy often takes the form of a tacit agreement not to mention publicly things that everyone, in fact, knows. Ronald Plasterk managed to maintain his position after being grilled in the Dutch parliament for nearly eleven hours till 3 AM Wednesday morning, according to the NLTimes news website.

These products are meant to go the Heineken Holland House in Sochi where supporters of the Dutch Olympic athletes need to be provided with their natje en droogje food and drinks.

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The Netherlands did experience totalitarianism, if briefly; and deep in the background of the Dutch anxiety over electronic surveillance lies the consciousness that here, when SS officers went door to door rounding people up, it was the local governments' own excellent municipal registries and the Dutch tax service's own detailed financial records that provided the occupiers with the data they needed.

Known as the Boundless Informantthe program is used by the NSA to track the amount of data being analyzed over a specific period of time. In other areas, the Dutch seem resentful of how much the government knows about them, but unsure how to respond. The entanglement is a two-way street: Plasterk acknowledged that it was in fact Dutch intelligence services who collected the records and transferred them to the NSA.

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The Plasterk issue is weighing heavily on his Labour party, which slipped sharply in a leading opinion poll published over the weekend.

On June 5, in the first media report based on the leaked material, [92] The Guardian exposed a top secret court order showing that the NSA had collected phone records from over million Verizon subscribers.

Since he has been a political columnist for several national publications and a commentator on TV.

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All Noun 36 examples 0. Today the Court decided that Emile Ratelband, a Dutch positivity guru known from his expression: As such he is vice chair of the national Innovation Platform and member of the task force Women on Top.

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Plasterk was a member of the Leiden city council for the Labour Party in the early s. Kan made his advice public just days after the Miljoenennota the national budget was published.

Explaining his error, he said he had sought to counter media reports in Germany and France that 1. But first, how much does it cost to fly a model airplane over the Dutch government buildings Binnenhof in The Hague?

Who spied? Dutch ministers grilled over misinforming MPs on NSA tapping

However, some European governments admitted that they had handed over data collected by their agencies to the NSA. He only told lawmakers of the mistake in early February. The letter admitted that Plasterk had wrongly told lawmakers last year that the US was collecting the so-called metadata.

Feb 12th The complaint specifically related to metadata collected by foreign intelligence services, used by the Netherlands, AFP reported.

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It appears that the agency tapped hundreds of millions of phone lines across Europe as well as fiber cables used for internet communications.

June[ edit ] After the U. Comments Print A Dutch cabinet minister faced calls to quit yesterday 11 February after admitting he wrongly told parliament that 1.

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The scandal initially erupted after German weekly Der Spiegel revealed the intercepts in a report based on documents leaked by American whistleblower Edward Snowden.

A key issue during Plasterk's period as minister was the salary of teachers. Indeed, Mr Plasterk said that the NSA revelations had forced him to go on television in order to counter popular anger at the inaccurate impression that the Dutch security services were breaking the law by collecting bulk transmissions of citizens' conversations.

He focused on the mechanism and regulation of DNA transposition, and on the mechanisms of RNA interference and microRNAs, including the functions of RNAi as a natural defense against the uncontrolled duplication of transposons.

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DUTCH houses are famous for having large front parlour windows that look directly onto the pavement, affording passersby a clear view of everything happening inside.