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Please stay tuned for all updates on this project series. Understand that I am not anti-modifying our more modern cars, I've got a stack of parts in the garage entpacken dating websites waiting to be put onto mine.

Yes, you end up with a car that looks like an early with the conveniences we've gotten used to. Not for sale - it has been sold via a Car and Classic Free Ad Porsche Carrera 3,2 externally transformed in into a racing version ST, the so called "backdating".

Porsche 911 carrera 2, Backdating ST, 1988 SOLD

These generally begin as cars from the era, which can be readily found for under twenty grand. The first was a tidy black-on-black example that was described as a footer — as in it looked pretty good as long as you were at least 20 feet away.

Sort of a velvet sledge hammer. Backdated Porsche means to make it look older than it is.

Porsche Backdate Pt 1: We bought a Porsche to rebuild! | FactoryTwoFour

They are two different animals that are hard to merge successfully. Not to try and rain on your parade, but When I first saw one online, it was lust. My '92 is a ton of fun - loud, fast, hooligan fun with thumping torque and wide-wheeled grip. This is a low budget build so I plan to make many of the custom parts myself wherever possible.

The parts themselves are not terribly expensive, with the majority of the effort being in the labor of perfectly matching the original lines. Some engineering psychopath discovered that with very little effort and just a dash of metal fabrication one could turn any from these two and a half decades into a RS 2.


Advances have been made along the way, with each new evolution offering increased power and updated technology, but any Porscheregardless of the year it was made, is instantly and unmistakably a It is the ideal choice for fans of the original shape who don't want to give up with modern cars comforts.

The savings were there, the career was there, and the garage full of tools was there. But to get the real Early feel, the car's got a have the scream of high revs, the smell of that non-cat mfi or carb motor, softer torsion bar bounce to the ride, the old dash look, "two window" ventilation, etc.

If I wanted to do this right, it would have to be in this range of years. All body panels other than the doors are removed, replaced with modified steel or fiberglass replicas of the original longnose parts from a growing number of small manufacturers that specialize in crafting them.

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Please join me in this detailed restoration journey. Much of this can be attributed to the fact that the has been the for so long- 50 years as of in fact.

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Metal fab can be time consuming but its the detail that set each car project build apart from the rest. But even those who wish to farm the work out to a qualified body shop can attain a basic backdated with the sex appeal of the early cars and the safety and performance of later ones for a grand total of less than thirty thousand dollars.

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The cult of Porsche is strong and global, and collectors, voting with their dollars, have made it clear that two generations of s are considered superior to all the others.

Both the inner and outer hood extension sheet metal pieces are now fully welded in place.

Best of Both Worlds: Backdated Porsche 911s

The cars in your post I quoted here are more the direction I'd like to see the hot rod crowd move toward. Over my years of lusting and wanting I gradually began to fall more and more in love with the vintage and classic cars, more so than ny computerized new car.

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All the windows and doors frames originally black anodized have been chromed or anodized in bright finish; all the exterior parts are period correct. Singer takes backdating and customization to the extreme, spending close to 4, hours of labor on each car.

Longhood Friday: 964 backdates and other retro ideas

When I drank in its presence in person, it was love. The other is the very first iteration of theproduced from until In January we started a series on the broken bolts and knuckles of this project as we turn our Miami Vice 80's Porsche into a unicorn RS 2.

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I plan to update weekly videos detailing the customization of my classic sports car. As options, the car had the reinforced battery, 16 inches Fuchs wheels, alarm with central locking, air conditioning and tinted windshield.

Whether it is aiming for the Euro RS, Cup or something wilder like a 3.

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The car could be seen by appointment in Bologna. Basically, and luckily for me, Porsche s changed comparatively very little from their introduction in up to A decade spent saving, skipping vacations, earning more, and acquiring both the tools and knowledge required.

This video series filmed in my home workshop highlights the technical details of my classic car restoration An aircooled Porsche Please enter your info below register Best of Both Worlds: But I think we need to expand on the heritage of what we have in the The strengthening rib that was metalshaped into the inner panel really makes this extension strong and doubles as a convenient finger handle when opening the hood.

But for those with a more realistic budget, backyard backdates can be achieved for significantly less.

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Best to find a roller or rough early car that you can play with and make your own. Engine plans are 3. It was then that I came across what would soon become an obsession — the RS 2.