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However, I am deeply concerned about the situation of political prisoners in Cuba and I therefore urge the Council and the Commission to take effective measures necessary for the release of political prisoners and to support and ensure their work as protectors of human rights.

I am sorry that it has not thought about public opinion.

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The Council continues to be deeply concerned by the situation in Chechnya, where violence continues and the humanitarian situation continues to be very worrying at the onset of winter. My group is particularly concerned with this question.

Mr Posselt, I am really concerned today because we are going to have a delay of three quarters of an hour. Some Members' speeches today really have got me worried.

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I remain worried about the whole operation of the judicial process. I do get the idea, however, that you are not overly concerned. Hoy estoy un poco preocupado.

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La pregunta complementaria del Sr. The Council remains deeply concerned by the situation in northern Uganda and the attacks and atrocities carried out by the 'Lord's Resistance Army' LRA in northern Uganda and southern Sudan.

Mr Callanan, I am extremely concerned about this very serious attack on British tradition, and it will be duly discussed. That is why Commissioner Liikanen's observation left me troubled, more troubled than I already was.

As far as Chechnya is concerned, however, I am worried. I am also concerned about it.

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I have a shared concern about the jobs of workers. They all concerned our constituents and exercised our legislative minds. Debido a una fractura en el pie, estaba preocupado por no poder expresarme oralmente.

The Council remains concerned about the situation in Western Sahara and will mulen ruzas online dating to keep a close watch on developments.

This page is powered by the Spanish Sentences Builder Listed below are some of the most common sentences viewed on this site: Mr Dell'Alba said that he is worried.

Estoy verdaderamente preocupado por nuestro futuro en la UE. Are you worried about something? DE I was concerned less with the regulation and more with the vision. Unfortunately, European Union governments have paid too little attention to this issue until now.

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No son muchos los que se han preocupado de este aspecto. The Council is also concerned about the situation of the persons of Ahwazi origin, including the fate of Mr al-Mansouri, whose case was raised with the Iranian authorities in August Estoy muy preocupado y decepcionado ante la respuesta del Consejo.

I have checked this very carefully. The Council continues to be gravely concerned at the situation in Somalia and off its coast. I myself am greatly concerned, Mr Watts, by the underspending.

No exagero cuando digo que estoy preocupado. Suggest an example Results: Is the Council more or less concerned at the situation regarding freedom of expression and freedom of the press in Turkey than at the date of publication of the progress report?

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I was concerned in case my fractured foot prevented me from speaking. You know when Mugabe is worried: The Council is much concerned by the situation in Chechnya and raises the need for a genuine reconciliation regularly when meeting the Russian authorities.

Me he preocupado de controlar esto minuciosamente. I am in favour of scientific research, but I am worried.

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Madam President, I am deeply concerned, Commissioner. The Council remains deeply concerned at the situation in Afghanistan and, as it has been underlined on various occasions, continues to be committed to long-term support for the people and Government of Afghanistan.

In my view, the next French Government should be concerned by this. That is also why I am not especially concerned. The head of the Belgian Police Federation has said that he is concerned. I am also concerned by a lack of consistency.

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The Council is very concerned about the situation in Chechnya, in particular as regards human rights, and it regularly stresses the need for a genuine reconciliation in its meetings with the Russian authorities.

As you well know, I am very sensitive to and very concerned at the situation in the Great Lakes countries and, more especially, by what is happening in eastern Congo. The Council remains seriously concerned at the situation in Belarus. Register to see more examples No results found for this meaning.

Algunas cuestiones me han preocupado mucho desde el principio. Quiero concluir comentando algo que me ha preocupado durante largo tiempo. Today, I am somewhat concerned. This is again why I am concerned a little about the report.

There is real concern in the industry that they will not be enough. Algunas de las intervenciones de hoy me han preocupado de verdad. I was recently contacted by a constituent concerned about the situation of political prisoners of the Cuban Government.

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Sin embargo, estoy preocupado por la marcha de estos esfuerzos y la resistencia encontrada. The Council is concerned about the situation concerning human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran and in particular regrets that the situation of the Baha'i community in Iran has not improved.

I myself am a consumer who is concerned about the quality and taste of traditional chocolate. I am worried about the security situation in Afghanistan, however.