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The BB bag did not use animal skin.

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At the Paris Universal Exposition in rerum novarum resumen yahoo dating, the brand received an award for its range of automatic lighters. The French company developed its retail outlet network worldwide, and focused on its haut de gamme positioning.

InLancel was the most visible brand in the media in France. The company became a major brand for luxury leather goods and accessories plates, glasses, jewelry, watches The brand markets handbags, small leather goods, suitcases, travel bags and accessories.

Four skilled workers create prototypes designed by artistic director Nicole Stulman. Le Dali was embossed with the secret love code. A new boutique concept was also rolled out globally.

Lancel (company)

As society evolved, the couple created specific items. Inhe designed the Parapluie, which contained a mirrora makeup bag and a folding umbrella. The brand also distinguished itself with its marketing strategy. The brand launched a bucket bag with a flexible shape.

Lancel and the artists[ edit ] From the beginning, Lancel established links with Parisian artists: Each bag is handmade: This bag became iconic.

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It met with significant success, thrusting Lancel into the spotlight. Actresses wore Lancel handbags in movies. White plaster of Paris, a reference to the mineral timelessness of the French capital, is combined with decor elements of black lacquer and blond wood.

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Lancel also prepares its own pigments. The bag referenced his love alphabet, "Daligramme", made up of eight cryptograms. The terrazzo floor was designed in-house. In the s, Lancel was the first luxury brand to send its clients a catalog.

The Italian stylist rejuvenated the collections and the design of the boutiques. Fromthe company produced leather goods.


At the end of the s, cigarettes became popular in Franceespecially among women. He suggested using fine leathers including lizardcalfskin Lancel developed a whole range of products for women smokers such as: The brand launched various collections of suitcaseshandbagsvanity cases, accessories, ready-to-wear collections, leather goods He created La Toile Daligram.

It takes 3 months to develop a model in the Atelier Lancel in Paris. InLancel took a new direction and positioned as a lifestyle brand.

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Inthe French national tricolor flag was printed on the weekender and travel bag collection. InLancel opened a flagship store selling handbags and accessories [4] in the Opera district, where the brand is still present today.

A new logo was designed and new concept stores were launched.

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Tropezand the lining was in Vichy print. This design became legendary, defined the brand and inspired the other handbag collections.

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The house has grown over time and increased its offering of luxury goods. Each interior pocket bore the name of one of her favorite locations, such as la Madrague St.