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Turn off the gas valve to the fireplace. Any thing more than this can do damage to the appliances. Some people don't have natural gas service so they opt for LP, or due to the cost of running the gas line, the put a refillable tank close the FP outside.

It is easiest if the gas line and the electrical outlet are alreadyset up in your home. With a clean chimney and firebox, you can install a gas log in your fireplace in about an hour.

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Always read the instructions and become familiar with the various parts and procedures before installing the log. The reason why the flames on your gas fireplace do not turn upcould be because the gas valve is not turned up high enough.

If you simply want to know how much gas you are using when lit, divide the Input rating on the tag by and that will tell how much NG you are using per hour in cubic feet. Most of the vertical style tanks gals.

If you go to the MFG website,you can check to see if it is possible. Typically, this valve is located outside of the fireplace opening on the floor or wall.

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Is it legal to hook up your natural gas appliance at home without a licensed gas fitter? A frequent problem in cold hex2rgb online dating is freeze up's. Any gas log that is installed after has to have the mechanical damper disabled or removed according the building code.

Bestit be legal and done rite Originally Posted by Pendragon Not a lot can go wrong with a painted steel tank, short of a tree falling on it.

Turn off all of the gas appliances in the home except for the the fireplace. The optional Basic Variable Remote will turn the unit on and off as well as adjust the flame height up and down, while the Deluxe Variable Remote will add thermostatic control.

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What you will pay in tank rent and higher gas prices since you will no longer be able to shop around won't offset that. If you have to ask, please consult a professional.

SOLVED: Convert propane hook up for dryer back to gas - Fixya

Screw the end clockwise into the connection where the burner pipe was removed. To convert to btu, multiply the 1 hour reading by and thatif the fireplace is set up and burning properly should be the same as the Input rating on the fireplace tag.

If the fireplace has been burning wood logs, have the chimney and firebox cleaned by a professional service before installing a gas log. If it is not convertible from the MFG made this way you can not. Tighten the fitting at the male end securely with an adjustable wrench.

Vented Gas Log Styles

With ventless sets, the remote will also allow you to adjust flame height. It involves checking the bottom of the tank, stamping the tank and keeping a log of the tank.

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Convert a ventfree propane gas log to a vent free natural gas log? DOT tanks can be quickly identified by the tank info being stamped into the tank itself.

Propane Gas Logs

How can you compute the natural gas consumption of your fireplace? They do have different sizes, so you can take theold one to your nearest home depot type store to ensure the correctsize. The regulator might go bad, but they tend to either go bad quickly within a warranty period or not go bad at all, and regulators are cheap.

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Any of these problems has the potential of a tank being pulled out of service and the appropriate repairs made. Hold the gas line with one hand as before, and align the female fitting with the nozzle.

Nor were the old gas space heaters I still use them your grandparents used. Do you keep your damper open with a gas log fireplace?

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Most of the horizontal type tanks gals. Screw on the fitting clockwise. Carbon monoxide is produced by incomplete burning of fuel. MERGE already exists as an alternate of this question. I should have clarified my last post.