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One cheat code is infinite money Hold control or shift or alt It will say Sorry, no such cheat, but as you hold the enter button down, you should see your money go up! First you have no know how to get the cheat box up con your screen.

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As far as I'm concerned, you can not becoma a werewolf by a code or a hack. Ravindell Nessarose Wicked Age: You can also do the same thing to your mail box and do heaps of other cheats with that as well.

You type in, "rosebud; ;" and press enter until you get tosimoleons. This cheat is awesome. Is there cheat codes for your sims wii? The Fangorn Forest Height: The Two Towers Quote: On a diet Colors: Sims 2 cheat codes? The Grey havens Height: If you do this too many times on a person taking care of a baby, the baby will be restarted, forcing you to take care of it for three more days!

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The Dark City Stats: I then click on your sims. Hope this helps Are there cheats codes for Sims 3? The sims cheat codes?

The Witch Phone number: He meets tons of beautiful girls, who might bring back what is missing in his life. To achieve this goal he has to battle the world leaders who happens to be adorable women named after famous male figures in history.

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Pink and White Drink: If a cheat has worked it will look like this: Unreal Flash - Halo Measurements: Which is exciting for those who are looking for something different. Teenage sim pregnant- pro-choice open for business. Please tell us in the comments!

The Tower Phone number: Lord of the Rings Battle Weight: The World Conquest You play as a mysterious male hero, who plans to conquer the world.

Kaching; 1, simoleons Motherload; 50, simoleons Maxmotives; refreshes all their needs boolprop testingcheatsenabled true replace true with false to turn it off Moveobjects on off to turn it off Unlockcareerrewards Aging off on to make them age again Is there any cheat code for becoming a werewolf in the sims 2?

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Yes there is for example. Charm and Strength Song: The Night Club Stats: Click Control, shift and c all together. Finn Are there any cheat codes for original Sims Deluxe Edition?

Where he has a year to fix everything up and get a girlfriend during this time. Check this site out: Force opportunity, Force event, Force all events.


At Your Side In this game you are playing a girl named Saki and she is tossed into a mystery, where her uncle is hostage in a theme park. Shall we get started? When you click in it you can type.