Phill Jupitus on Qi - Black Pepper, sir? Phill Jupitus on Qi - Black Pepper, sir?

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It happens in the actual series as well: Do you like my Scottish accent by the way? In "Lucky Losers", after explaining that this week the winner will be the person with the lowest score, Stephen borrows and mangles a catchphrase from I'm Sorry I Haven't a Cluenoting that answering correctly means points, and "points mean bad surprises".

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Beware the Nice Ones: The funny thing is, Earth really does only have one moon. In "Intelligence", Stephen mentions that job interviewers would ask odd questions, like, "How many piano tuners are there in Britain?

Direktoer dating sim Australian accent is surprisingly good. Beam Me Up, Scotty! In "Ologies" the panelists were asked to put blindfolds on, taste a wine and then say what type of wine it was red or white.

In the eighth series episode "History", when the panel discusses the Bayeux Tapestry, Rob points out one figure on the tapestry, supposedly King Harold, and says, "May I just give the seal of approval to his wonderfully long socks?

Stephen often does this when a panelist gives the right answer to a tricky question immediately. Alan occasionally does this when the guests are given cards to interact with.


A two-way brick, depending on whether one goes by order of recording or order of airing. Notably from the Season F episode "Fingers and Fumbs": He concludes that the audience members have an "interesting morality".

In "Knees and Knockers", Stephen discusses a couple of examples, namely the Klaxon brand of car horns an error this show has made often and Velcro, which is referred to as a "hook and loop fastener" by the company. In the "Jargon" episode, Victoria Coren reveals she had an anxiety dream about appearing on the show, in which Stephen asked her the question, "Why was the March Hare so important to the Aztecs?

Stephen is generally a Gentleman Snarkerwho only gently ribs on panellists when they miss the point, then repeats the answer couchsurfing hook ups skate explains patiently.

You cannot be that stupid! The camera closed qi phill jupitus flirting body on Stephen as he announced that it was time for the Knick Knack, then cut out to show that the box was now in place beside him, and he reacted as if it had suddenly appeared.

When Stephen introduces the host of the Swedish version of the show, he says he knows "Enough Swedish to order from a hotel room.

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That said, as far as he's concerned, it's velcro. Phill Jupitus does a rather uncanny Eddie Izzard. I know you think you're doing a voice, but that is how you talk.

When the "Gardens" episode derails into a debate on what to do with a dying honeybee, the three options proposed are giving it honey, killing it, and killing it with honey.

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Sean Lock generally develops a strange kind of annoyance whenever there is a "genius" panel member on board with him, like Rory McGrath or Ben Miller. It could be a bat.

Since Sandi Toksvig became the new host, she asked the guests to bring her a Danish gift. You're always a villain. Phill Jupitus refuses to believe that the sun sets before we actually see it set.

Blue and Orange Morality: What direction does the moon— Rich: In the Series seven episode "Germany" Rob Brydon goes on at length about his fondness for wearing long socks. Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie: A fraction of the slidey thing. I look forward to the day when we have a blue whale named Dave and you don't get it.

It's just one final chance to be a bloody nuisance to everyone, isn't it? She received a QI " Danish interlocking children's building set. In the episode "Infantile", Stephen asks what was the longest-running attraction at Coney Island.

Was it a bearded elephant? That's so easy to achieve. In-Universe use of this trope Questions are set up so that reciting one of these is the obvious answer is a common means of tripping up the panelists in the "General Ignorance" round.

Or some strange hybrid of bird-bat.

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You measure them in the slidey thing. The 'moons' cited in the show were actually Near-Earth Asteroids - they have a 1: Cruithne is only occasionally affected by Earth's gravity, making it a quasi-satellite.

Oh, that was a Scottish accent? I hate this show! Alan Davies does a Mexican Spanish accent What is the unit?

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While he will not say who, Stephen has gone on record to say that one guest actually asked for the questions before filming to keep from looking stupid. Stephen can't stand willful or apathetic ignorance. You cannot be that stupid. You've always been a pain when you're alive, and now you're dead you're worse.

What do we measure feet in? And even more hilariously, he gives her an answer that makes some sense, and accuses Victoria of being a witch. Rich is in such disbelief at hearing the earth has two moons that in every appearance he has made since, when a question about THE moon comes up, he automatically asks "Which moon we talkin' about here?

Alan groaned in response. Are you completely incapable of rational thought?! A bearded woman, or— Stephen Fry: Why do these films always forget to put their most famous lines in? They never said, 'No, we know this was hoax.

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In the "Europe" episode which was recorded later but ended up airing before the England episodeAlan reveals that he has no actual Welsh roots, and he and David Mitchell trade flags swapping Alan's Welsh flag for David's English flag—David actually is Welsh on his mother's side, and as his father was born to Scottish parents in Liverpool, he has repeatedly said he prefers to be called "British" over "English" or anything else.

Unless you go too over-the-top in Epic Point Missing, and he pulls out the big guns. Alan quotes the song about Peter Cushing namely "Peter Cushing Lives in Whitstable" by The Jellybottys as "Peter Cushing lives in Whitstable, I have seen him on his bicycle, I have seen him buying vegetables, Peter Cushing lives in Whitstable", when it's actually "Peter Cushing lives in Whitstable, he goes shopping on his bicycle, you can meet him buying vegetables".