Quartus ii 13 simulation dating. Quartus 2 signals simulation

Adding a Component Click the library icon from the palette. Once you know your logic is correct, you can switch back to your original device.

QUARTUS 2 signals simulation

Select your input sand pick Overwrite Count Value. Don't run wires along the edge of a device. Now you should see your simulation output with the outputs defined. Printing We will not print today. If you've already chosen a non-Cyclone device, switch to a Cyclone device to do the simulation.

You can expand the grouping: You should get a message from Quartus saying "This file is read-only and cannot be edited". Don't leave inputs and outputs right next to the chips.

Save this graphic design file as DoorOpener in your "intro" directory. University Program Simulator, also called QSim. The Problem We are designing a circuit for an automatic door like those you see at supermarkets. Select File Open Project and choose your project file from your project directory.

Select Assignments Device from the pull-down menu. Wiring your circuit Select the orthogonal node tool.

Using Quartus II

Run this in the directory where you find the Quartus II executable file. Input pins can be found under primitives pin inputs.

If you drag it too far you will see an x; and this is considered an open connection and your design will not compile. Circuit Compilation You will need to compile your design to ensure you do not have any errors in your circuit e.

To print, go to File Print. In the logic folder, select the and2 component by double clicking on it or by selecting liddell hart indirect approach dating with a single click, then selecting OK.

Don't use spaces in any quartus ii 13 simulation dating names. Name your input and output pins as you name them in your equation. Output pins can be found under primitives pin outputs.

In the Main window, select Assign Simulation Settings and then select the file. The Symbol dialog box will appear. Select the double right arrow to choose all.

In this tutorial, we will show you how you capture the schematic design for the automatic door opener circuit using Altera Quartus II software.

There are currently problems saving files directly to the I drive. The door should only operate if it has been unlocked. Type your name and then hit the Enter key.

Every time you release the mouse key, the line wire ends.

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Note that the next field gets filled in automatically. This toolbar is also known as the palette. If your wire did not reach the AND gate, you can add to the wire by putting your mouse over an end of the wire and again selecting it with your left mouse button and dragging your mouse to another position.

Make sure you do not make the wire too long. To select the working directory use the button to browse and select E: This pane is designated Block1.

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The file will indicate "read-only" meaning you can't edit it. The window should look something like image below. The door should open only when a person is detected walking through or when a person presses a switch such as the wheelchair button to have the door open.

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This part of the output shows that when c and h are low, and p is high, the output is high. Save the bdf file with the same name as the project.

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This is referred to as "rubber banding" and is a feature of all major schematic entry design packages. Rearrange your devices in approximately the placement you would like for the logic diagram you are trying to construct.

Add the rest of the wires needed to connect the logic diagram. You can navigate around the timeline, zoom in and out, etc. You should get a message saying "Simulator was succesful".

This part of the output shows that when c and p are low, and h is high, the output is also high.

Introduction to Quartus II Software

You can repeat this process to check all of the eight possible input combinations. It is a good idea to save your design often, just in case something bad happens. To delete a wire or a portion of a wire, simply click on it it should change color to indicate selection and press the delete key.

This can cause simulation problems.

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Select the A from the palette. Simulation using QSim for version Type your project name and then hit the Enter key.

Hit the Esc escape key to end text additions. Never use spaces in pin names; e. Select File Save As to give this file a name in your project directory. Open the Altera U.

Quartus II Tutorial

You should see a screen such as this: Be sure to copy your files back to the I drive after you are done. This part of the output shows that when the inputs are all zero, the output is also zero.

The file will be given the bdf extension; bdf stands for block design file and contains schematics, symbols or block diagrams.