Introduction to Quartus II Software Introduction to Quartus II Software

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Use script to set up simulation — Allows you to specify a script file containing commands for the running Simulation in Active-HDL. If your wire did not reach the AND gate, you can add to the wire by putting your mouse over an end of the wire and again selecting it with your left mouse button and dragging your mouse to another position.

This can cause simulation problems.

Starting Active-HDL Default Simulator Altera Quartus II

Run this in the directory where you find the Quartus II executable file. Save this graphic design file as DoorOpener in your "intro" directory. Open the Altera U. Now if you want, you can go back to the simulation settings and choose Timing instead of Functional to see the effects of propagation delay.

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Hit the Esc escape key to end text additions. When Active-HDL opens, you will have to add the test bench, compile it and run the simulation manually. Don't uses spaces in file or directory names.

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University Program Simulator, also called QSim. Add the rest of the wires needed to connect the logic diagram.

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The Problem We are designing a circuit for an automatic door like those you see at supermarkets. Double click on the pin name to kreissektor berechnen online dating its name.

You should get a message saying "Simulator was succesful". In the Main window, select Assign Simulation Settings and then select the file. You will receive the end of the simulation message in the console when simulation is done as shown in Figure 4.

Using Quartus II

The window should look something like image below. This toolbar is also known as the palette. This part of the output shows that when the inputs are all zero, the output is also zero. If you have multiple inputs, you can select a bunch and group them with one counter.

[SOLVED] ask example to simulate with QUARTUS II v web edition and modelsim-altera

But you will need to know how for your project. For more details on these options please click on the link at the end of this application note. Don't leave inputs and outputs right next to the chips. In this tutorial, we will show you how you capture the schematic design for the automatic door opener circuit using Altera Quartus II software.

Simulation using QSim for version Rearrange your devices in approximately the placement you would like for the logic diagram you are trying to construct.

Before printing, you can view what the print will look like by selecting File Print Preview Choosing a Device The programmable device which we'll use for our design can be chosen now.

Printing We will not print today.

Ask example to simulate with QUARTUS II v11 web edition and modelsim-altera

You can change the rate at which a counter counts using the dialog. There are three NativeLink settings for selecting the test bench for the simulation.

There are currently problems saving files directly to the I drive. To print, go to File Print. Name the project DoorOpener. Drag your pointer to the input of the AND gate. This is referred to as "rubber banding" and is a feature of all major schematic entry design packages.

Click the Start Simulator button. Be sure to copy your files back to the I drive after you are done.

Quartus II Tutorial

If you drag it too far you will see an x; and this is considered an open connection and your design will not compile. This pane is designated Block1. Every time you release the mouse key, the line wire ends.

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You can move a component by selecting it with your mouse, holding down the left button and moving it to another location on the palette. You should see a screen such as this: If you've already chosen a non-Cyclone device, switch to a Cyclone device to do the simulation.

Select a point near the top left in the window with the left mouse key. None — Turns off the test bench option. You can expand the grouping: To get to your I: