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The inner most part is known as Maqdes, the holies of holies. It is true for all entrances.

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Christian and Muslims, and many of documents, manuscripts were destroyed and burnt down. Oral traditions attribute the establishment of the church to king Lalibela during the 12th century.

Evidences are shown that, after the introduction of Christianity in to Ethiopia during the 4th century, inter state bus terminal in bangalore dating necessity of ritual practicing areas become high.

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To pass the sewerage, there is a bridge like stone naturally attached to the main rock. It is because of the subterranean nature of the church.

It has a circular form with door and windows. Paintings of saints are found in Adadi Mariam church. According to the Oromiya culture and Tourism Bureau, the church was registered as heritage first in regional level and later at federal level.

It was in that the tabot come back to Adadi Mariam church and religious services has continued as it was previously informant, Alemu.

It is the place where the tabot rests and to which only priests and deacons have an access to it. There is a strong tradition about the coming of Lalibela que es el imperio bizantino yahoo dating the region of Shewa and excavated Adadi Mariam rock-hewn church.

Registration in the form prepared to collect wide information of cultural Heritage, which shall include, photographing recording in film or video as appropriate, so as to put in place the means to catalogue, inspect, study, prefect and conserve cultural heritage and facilitate utilization of same for the purpose of recreation and education.

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They can be categorized into two major groups as natural and human factor. This district is bordered in the west by Kokir, in the south by the Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Region, in the east by the Misraq Showa Zone, in the north-east by Alemgena town and in the north-west by the town of Tole.

They are found in a good condition as priests are aware of managing and protecting their sacred objects.

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The ten doors signify the Ten Commandments and the twenty four windows represent the twenty four heavenly priests informant, Dejene.

However, the expansion of settlement and urban like activities are recent phenomena.


Before the restoration, each entrancing had 21 stairs but now it is changed by modern ceramics and the numbers of stairs are decreased. If these visitors carried camera they pay 50 birr and 10 birr is the regular fee. However, the church could not benefit from its registration as a heritage.

The major town in the district is Leman. This part of Adadi Mariam rock-hewn church has seven meter width. As Adadi Mariam rock-hewn church was closed during the wars, these caves might used as a temporal church until the re-excavation of Adadi Mariam rock-hewn church.

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It is said to be happened during the last quarter of 12th century and early 13th century. The domestic visitors travel to Adadi mainly for education and religious purposes. Chapter one deals about the environment of the study area.

Meaning, due to their high clay content, the soil retain much water which makes them sticky in wet seasons and crack severely in dry seasons Raynal etal, Because the infiltration capacity of this type of rock is low, the soil type of this environment is black and clay.

Chapter two explores the origin and development of rock hewn churches in Ethiopia.

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In other words, advanced or complex tools were not necessary for rock- cutting and construction of churches. The book of Tefut stated about the founding of the true cross and its coming from Jerusalem and stayed in Adadi Mariam for seven days informant, Yonas. Qeddest the middle one and Meqdes the Sanctuary.

Therefore, religious services were interrupted in Adadi Miriam for three hundred years.

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Therefore, the following recommendations are given. The saint is said to have founded the monastery of Mount Zuquala in Southern Shoa. The altitude of this area is about meters above sea level.

Rock excavating tradition in Ethiopia dates back to ancient times starting from the dwelling of people in caves Pankhurst, The sum total of these factors caused the decaying of various heritages in the church. This will minimize the amount of infiltration the rock masses.

Adadi Mariam is stated as one of them. For instance there are surface burials and burial on the walls of rocks. It is a well known historical fact that the fierce and cruel fighting was disastrous for cultural heritages, art, and literature from both sides, i.

The geological problems faced the church are fracturing and weathering. Therefore, there is a belief by some scholars that churches were carved from rocks during medieval period of Ethiopia in association with the afro-mentioned religious symbolism.

The principal climatic factors responsible for the deterioration of both movable and immovable heritages are solar radiation, temperature variations, direct rainfall impact, wind pressure and humidity UNESCO, The tradition added that before the journey of saint Gabra Menfes Qedus to southern Shoa, he stayed in Lasta with king Lalibela.

There are common characteristic for these two burial places. As a result they began to use the word Adadi. Adadi Mariam has been neglected for many centuries as a result of conflict between the church and the local government regarding ownership and management problems.

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Rock-Hewn churches that are built and excavated on rock are three types. Even it was difficult to get informants that have the proper knowledge of the site.

The Adadi Mariam environment is characterized by rolling plan nature and river gorge, i. Interior of the church: Currently, the church is administered by the South Shewa diocese. The excavation of this church is said to have been completed within three years. The church has ten doors and twenty four windows.

Lack of transportation in the area has made the task of preparing this senior essay very difficult. Humidity is also another factor. Particularly the two annual ceremonies, held on November and January 21st, local time, are colourfully celebrated in Adadi Mariam church attended by a large group of people.

Those pre-Christian Axumite and pre-Axumite worship centers were often built on high altitudinal places where there were tall trees and streams. The Adadi Mariam and the surrounding setters are practicing mixed agriculture, both animal herding and cultivation.

Adadi Mariam church lacks an effective promotion work. Then, Adadi Mariam rock-hewn church is found on the south west of the market not more than meters. The height as well as the thickness of those posts is different. The horizontal crack of the roof is filled with jesso and the color changes to white from its original black color.