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Double money, speed round large text is normally displayed on the screen. Like Quizmania, the program received its revenue from phone charges rather than advertisements. It also has two picture frames, for the "King and Queen of Quizmania". Also in the left section is a flat screen TV, where the animated Quizmania logo is displayed for most of the show.

Flash and Sky returned to Quizmania for the online-only revival.

What happened?

The TV format of Quizmania have also been produced and broadcast in various countries. During the Big Brother series, Quizmania faced competition with the return of the UpLate program see Notable dates.

A smaller version of the original studio was built for the online series with the technical gallery regularly appearing in-vision.

The second series of the online revival began at 12pm on Wednesday 23 September Chuck Thomas's voice could sometimes be heard speaking or giving away clues, when invited by a presenter.

Additionally, a large jukebox was placed at the back of the main studio area. She was quizmania online dating host Channel Nine's late night game show Quizmania. The podium has a backdrop of large white bulb lights on a black background, and the lights are often flashing. Quizmania remained on air for the longest period.

The son of a comedian, Greg Scott worked as a Redcoat at Butlins and then as a warm-up artist on the Channel 4 programme Countdown for 13 years.

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This door is normally where the presenters enter the show from at the start, and when another presenter arrives to take over. This show was preceded by a pre-launch pilot edition, which was streamed live on 12 Julywith winners of an e-mail competition allowed to take part. Items like the large door were painted yellow, the left side of the studio was turned into a seaside-like setting, complete with deckchair, bucket and spade, some artificial palm trees, and a barbecue.

Andy Jaye — Stuart Headlam stand-in Chuck Thomas and Stuart Headlam, two of the programme's producers, presented only occasionally. Quizmania is the only one that has been revived since the demise of ITV Play. From the viewer's perspective, to the left of the studio is a bar section, with various odds and ends on it.

There have also been a couple of serious technical problems which have forced Quizmania to cease for the night and be replaced with other programming.

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In the main section of the studio is a very large door, that is set in a low-angled pink wall. Going further right, there is a 'podium of love' a nickname started by Debbie that the presenter will normally 'mount' when a speed rounds happens.

Regional affiliate WIN Television commenced broadcast of the programme on 1 Octoberbut axed it in February stating "WIN merely wants to provide entertainment to its viewers and in doing so removed The Mint. The screen is also used to display video clips as part of some games.

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Online revival[ edit ] Quizmania was revived as an online-only version. Due to high fan demand, Quizmania was revived as an online-only version. On 31 Julythe studio was redesigned into a summer theme.

A smaller version of the original studio was built for the online series with the technical gallery regularly appearing in-vision. Crazy Nige rang the studio on a regular basis using his catchphrase, "Loving the style of everything, except Greggles". According to David Hasselhoff, the video was intended as a joke, a parody of himself.


Approached by Fremantle Media, the trio were commissioned to create a similar new show, which was called Quizmania. Well, it's true we're looking at ways we can bring back the show in a completely different but hopefully equally wadgetastic way.

When special events happen in the show e. The show finally returned online on 17 July In the main section of the studio is a very large door, that is set in a low-angled pink wall.

The bar also has some things underneath it that the presenters often get out, but the actual back of the bar has never been seen by viewers. Meanwhile, the right side has also be changed, with the bar given a different colour, and the frame around the TV painted yellow.

To the right of the main section, is another main bar section with a flat-screen television in the background, which displays the same picture as the other TV. Greg Scott returned to present a US election special on 4 November Initially shown in the Autumn of in a five hour per night slot on satelitte channel Information TV, it was quickly picked up by ITV for their night time slot.

Quizmania could be on its way back like you've never seen before! Only contestants aged 18 or over were allowed to participate.