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R madrid levante online dating, the whites downed the in-form side 3-0 and continue at the top of the table

No card and rightly so. Not a great effort but Levante will take any sort of effort they can at the moment. He was sticking with what he had and it was up to them to get them out of the hole they had dug themselves in LaLiga.

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He loses out again and chases a triangle of passes before Real Madrid win it back but put it out for a throw. Vazquez crosses to Modric, who headers it wide at the front post. Real Madrid continue to apply pressure.

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They did just that and it took its toll. Real Madrid are dating disney items worth 18 points behind Barcelona as their season comes down to two games against one opponent in the Champions League.

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Bale breaks, kind of, free and strikes towards goal. Very well played by Levante. Ball comes in but that's straight at a Levante defender's head. All the hard work they had done to squeeze the fight out of Levante undone and they'd have to start all over again in the second half.

Or so it seemed.

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Varane slips and Boateng slots home. We are into the third minute now. Will Real Madrid get one last chance? Comes to nothing but Real Madrid comfortable for the moment. Levante have started this half quite lively. That culminated with a Emmanuel Boateng goal on 42 minutes with Zidane's side well and truly stunned.

Most watching had it down as a good fight but a failed one.


Lovely ball in by Ronaldo. It deflects up and into Oier's gloves. Ball comes in from Benzema and the sub strikes from, maybe, 10 yards, out. He heads it down and into the ground.

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Real Madrid more points in the league. Replays show there was absolutely nothing in that. Ivi crosses and Real Madrid cross. Levante trying to build something outside the box.

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Ronaldo lining up the free. It wasn't until half-time was in sight when Levante started to grow and Real Madrid started to wilt. Levante grew again with the finish line in sight and had opportunited. Three Real Mdrid players offside.

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They have a 4 on 2! Modric coss and Carvajal pulls it back to Ronaldo.

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Levante looking increasingly stretched here. Ramos the most probably. He shootds and it it deflected out for a corner.