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By the time the tour was finished, the band members had grown weary of the musical business and the enormous amounts of money generated around the band, with no precedent in the Spanish indie pop-rock scene.

Also in appeared the tribute record Arde la calle. This was finally possible inwhen La ley del desierto, la ley del mara double album, came out. Enrique Sierra radio futura ecuador online dating his distinctively punk look early s Herminio Molero contributed with his fusion of electronic and traditional music to the style of the group while Enrique Sierra added a punk touch.

In there was a final compilation in box format Caja de canciones which intends to be an ultimate luxury compilation aimed at the fan base including all of the band productions.

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After they disbanded, there have been a number of rarities, compilations and tribute records, such as Rarezas a rarities record part of a box released in including their whole discography. This their second album, whose sound was completely different from their debut, became another unexpected commercial success, with the hit single Escuela de calor.

Escuela de Calor which became an instant big seller. They finally reached an agreement with their former record company and got signed for Ariola part of BMG, itself now a part of Sony Music. The record is characterized by a much more organic approach than its predecessor, from which it marked a new departure; their musical evolution brought to the band international hit singles such as "37 grados and "A Cara o Cruz".

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The new single included a spoken word section which represented, holden sacrilegious atheist dating again, a big novelty in the Spanish musical scene.

Once the live album was released, the sextet disbanded and the remaining core trio planned what was going to be their last studio LP. To fulfil this obligation, in they went into the studio again with Dworniak to produce Tierra para bailar a record which includes new takes of old songs and a brand new one El puente azul which became their last original recording.

The record had a good response and became their biggest seller to date.

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Pedro Navarrete, at the keyboards, innovating this position in the band. The beginnings[ edit ] Inpainter, amateur singer and synthesizer experimenter Herminio Molero approached some of his acquaintances in order to form a pop-rock band. Tracks included in this record such as Semilla Negra introduced the first hints of what would soon become their signature contribution: The album reads close to a concept album starting with La ley del Desierto, la Ley del Mar, the band seemed to enjoy producing cohesive albums with some sort of internal leit motiv.

This new 3 core members plus 2 session musicians line-up gathered at Sigma Sound recording studio owned back then by the Talking Heads in New York City at the end of that was, possibly, the first time that a Spanish band recorded in New York.

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Having achieved massive notoriorety and an almost uncontested lead in the Spanish pop-rock scene only challenged by the synth-pop oriented trio Mecanoand also influenced by Enrique Sierra's health problems and Halsall's death due to an overdose inthey decided it was time to disband at the height of their careers before the music industry devoured their creativity as artists.

During these months they had built a repertoire of several songs, which they played live, waiting for the record deal to release their second album. A few years had passed from their first release and this interim helped the band to leave behind the echoes of their impromptu and whimsical, yet successful, debut album.

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Again Enrique Sierra fell ill and was temporarily replaced by Ollie Halsall. Un tributo a Radio Futura including covers of the band's hits by a selection of contemporary bands and artists from the Spanish speaking world.

With this one, their record deal with Ariola was finished and so too the band, as they had decided not to tour to support this record.

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It aimed to get closer to the traditional sources of Spanish popular music, the hiring of a horns section The Uptown Horns for the recording sessions being probably the most clear statement of the new musical direction taken.

Also inthe band is elected by popular vote as the best Spanish band of the 80s. Then Memoria del porvenir was released six years after, inas a new compilation with different takes and re-recordings by the own band of some of their classics.

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It is also credited for establishing in Spain the virtually unknown formulations of a Latin Rock based on standard anglosaxon pop-rock but, at the same time, deeply rooted in Spanish popular music, while striving for renovation at the same time. Again, Jo Dworniak was in charge of production.

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After what had been a rather impromptu and basically amateur record, the new line up decided to take on a professional approach in their music career and get rid of their initial aura of "media pampered one hit wonder boys". The self-produced album remained faithful to the Latin Rock its predecessor had defined, with no major style changes other than an even more basic or "clean" sound.

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At the same time, the hiatus allowed the band to work intensively on their new songs, which they self produced.