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Get reports and data on your new fan base Receive detailed reports on your new fan base, a great resource for getting to know your audience. Learn about your fans and what they like Listener Targeting Play your music to the people who will like it most Pick popular artists and genres that fit your style - Radio Airplay will keep you spinning to listeners who are already fans of similar artists.

This visit to the studio opened up a new world for him. Get played on internet radio and collect fans Your music plays to listeners in stations featuring the popular artists you chose. You will also receive unique insights into how your music is rated by listeners. Upload music and target the right listeners Start by uploading your songs and photos.

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These listeners are the most likely to become your fan. The project gained immediate local notoriety as her heartfelt vocal performance captured the emotion of the Holiday Season.

Christina Custode, multi-talented musician and award winning vocalist released her first original recording, "The Missletoe Song" in followed by a full length album titled "I" on iTunes and Spotify shortly after. She has shared the stage with artists and bands like Marvin Hamlisch and the Buffalo Philharmonic OrchestraChuck Mangione, Lew Soloff, and Pat LaBarbera Jerry Neiwood Tribute Concert, and currently performs with numerous jazz groups on piano and vibraphone, as well as as a cocktail piano soloist, and as a sideman with numerous blues and commercial bands.

You can also opt in to premium targeting, which allows you to focus plays on more specific demographics of your choosing. The project, which consists of eight songs all music and lyrics written and arranged by Christina Custode put Custode on the adult contemporary music map and was heralded as an excellent start to a long and promising career.

Promote your music and get new fans How Airplay Works 1. This notoriety encouraged E. Hailing from Little Rock, Arkansas, USA, DC quickly made his name as one of the top emerging hip hop acts to work in the region with a string of hot debut records boasting pristine production and packaging, top notch marketing, mass appeal, big budget videos and high profile features that could only be matched by the biggest names in entertainment today.

Guaranteed Airplay on Internet Radio Get played to millions of listeners who like your style of music You can even pick the popular artist you want to be featured with.

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Artists with a high PopScore also get opportunities for sync licensing and label submission. Listeners can expect the same heartfelt, honest lyrics and high quality musical performance that Christina Custode has delivered in the past, and intends on upholding throughout her career.

At 21 years old E. He was introduced to house music at the age of 17 and his passion was born. Most recently, her original music has gained notice not only for pristine instrumental and vocal performance quality, but also for its compositional value.

After appearing in the video for the single E. Which songs have the most hit potential? Over the next year E. Her beautiful tone quality and sensitive phrasing helped garner local and national airplay on popular radio stationsas well as international exposure on thousands of internet radio stations.

His clothing line famous for the slogan "Everyday Is A Friday" later followed and DC has since released a good number of follow up singles, even more exciting and innovative than his debuts.

After two years of honing his craft E. Custode has released a second album of original music with legendary producer Stuart Epps. Taught by one of the hip hop industry's well-known producers and international scratch champion, DJ Swift, you can often find the two collaborating on new tracks.

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Reports and Data Radio Airplay artists get constantly updated reports on their fan base We'll tell you when your music plays and to whom.

This song appeared on worldwide music charts beating out songs from 50 cent, Ryan Leslie, Tyrese and Omarion. When he's not bobbing his head to the beat of his iPodBossa is most likely on the turntables breaking a sweat to the rhythm of his latest mash-up remix.

Not only did he take underground hip hop fans by surprise, he took the music industry by surprise as well and instantly got the attention of big players in the game and the press.


The love of the tunes influenced E. With an exotic, tantalising, bold and commanding sound, a refreshing stage presence and show-stopping performing style the 23 year old rising star mesmerises audiences of all sizes and always leaves with a standing ovation and an encore.

Bossa Nova produces weekly mini-mixes for his friends and fans to download for FREEwhile maintaining residencies in both Hollywood and Santa Monica. When he returned home to The States he started taking rap serious.

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So will the service just stop?

Listen out for Turn In Up and other hot tracks by E. Answer those questions and more with Radio Airplay. Stream and download Christina's top songs on iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud and other popular music apps and music platforms. At age 12, while visiting family in Jamaica, E.

Radiomeuh » Enjoy music from Reblochonland

Since then they have continued to go back and forth and discuss projects. His following is now growing at an alarming rate and his name sits right at the top of almost every hip hop watchlist.

Next, choose the popular artists whose music is most similar to your own.