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Still the name Alocasia Amazonica came from one man at one small nursery in Miami, FL and should be applied to only Salvador's hybrid.

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In a note received from aroid botanist Alistair Hay on November 20, he explains the name Alocasia x amazonica is used incorrectly and the use should not continue. Aroids members of the larger plant family Adivinos online dating are simply variable and naturally grow with many new shapes and colorations.

The title holder to some of the biggest horticultural myths in the world of aroids, Alocasia Amazonica is not a species, does not grow naturally in any native rain forest, is not from the Amazon and the name should never be used in either the italicized form or with single quotations since it is neither a published species nor a registered cultivar.

A specimen should constantly be kept very near a bright window that is not exposed to a cold draft.

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He was upset that it was erroneously reported to be A. My thanks to Marek Argent for the use of his photo left: Little record can be found of Alocasia Amazonica being capable of sexual reproduction since hybrids are commonly sterile and cannot sexually reproduce.

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The earliest published use of the term Alocasia x Amazonica appeared on page of a Florida State Horticultural Society publication in in an article entitled Cultivation of the Genus Alocasia in Florida with only a brief mention and little detail other than the hybrid parentage: As a result, this is a very confusing group of both species and hybrid plants.

It has never been observed naturally in any rain forest in the world.

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John's last note would also make one query why anyone in Europe in would use the name "amazonica' for a plant bred from parents known to be of Asian origin? Although it has been established the parents used by Salvadore Mauro are in fact Alocasia sanderiana X watsoniana other sources claim this hybrid was created by crossing Alocasia watsoniana x Alocasia nobilis.

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Regardless, since Mauro coined the name the parents he used would be the only ones to qualify for the name he coined. My mixes are not meant to be a precise "formula" since all you need do is to try to match decomposing forest soil.

The leaves can be impressive.

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Hybridized plants are commonly sterile so these hybrids may never reproduce through natural pollination. All of the seedlings came up as easily identified as Alocasia Amazonica.

Each is responsible for locating and describing many new Alocasia species to science. I even found the specimen being sold as Alocasia Maxkowskii. If there is any other living legendary figure in the International Aroid Society www. Well, back to our story.

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Be very wary of the "made-up" and often bad information found on the internet regarding the growth of this plant.

If studied scientifically all prove to be the same species. A single plant that does not look exactly like its parent group does not indicate a new species. You cannot fail to water Alocasia Amazonica on a regular basis. Since Alocasia lowii is now correctly known as a natural variation of Alocasia longiloba see photo below the plant would technically have the same parents as the plant created in Miami.

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If grown in too low light the Alocasia often looses much of its green color on the adaxial upper surface of the leaf and becomes almost black. Since they are very popular and easily sold the growers hire genetic labs to create them in test tubes through a process known as tissue culture which is cloning.

Polyploidy can cause oddities including a difference in size. If you wish to grow Alocasia Amazonica in direct, or near direct sunlight, this plant can require a great deal of water. Want to learn more about Alocasia species? Here are three scientific data bases and you will not find the name Alocasia Amazonica on any as a species.

There are several crosses available today and unless you are willing to pay for a DNA test there is no way to know the parentage of your plant.

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The inflorescence is supported by a stalk known as the peduncle. Sam was killed in an automobile accident while at work as a postman on one of the three wheeled motor bikes used back in those days.

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Depending on the parents of the cross the plants often take on different shapes and sizes which makes growers often wonder what they are growing. In low room light, especially without water, the specimen is likely to simply droop, loose the color, and die a slow death.

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Although at least one plant seller claims the plant is "Straight from the Rainforest to Your Home" when offering Alocasia Amazonica for sale correctly pronounced alo-CAY-see-a this plant has never existed in the rain forests of the Amazon or South America.