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Rude hook up, player's record

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And no one wants that. Guys should just be themselves and if they get a response great, if not, then that person really isnt interested in who they are. The following 2 users would like to thank MusicChick for this useful post: The world is huge.

I knew there would be a lot of choices for me at a site like HookUP. If you just want to hook up, use another site. Could you help me hook up my stereo?


We agreed to hook up after class. Vulgar Slang To become sexually involved with someone. I hope we'll be able to hook up for coffee or something while you're home for Christmas break.

HookUP provided a great balance for me.

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It becomes boring, someone that actually engaged with your profile, picking up on a quote or a certain band, is way more interesting. Want to thank TFD for its existence? I am sure you won't care what I say, because, as you said you were from Manchester, and therefore more interesting then the Swiss, and I suppose that applies to americans as well.

When guys talk about themselves or are arrogant, I quit replying.

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The plumber hooked the pipes up to the shower. As soon as they hook up the computer to the network, I can e-mail my friends. No, we never hooked up—we're just friends. I think the some guys try too hard, posting a million picture of themselves in the mirror with their camera.

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Connect a mechanism with a main source, as in The computer had not yet been hooked up to the mainframe. I really like this one in particular because I have always wanted to find someone who listens to similar music as me.

Bella Roja 33, London: I heard Jenny hooked up with Brian. Strong consensus — if there is no inquiry about specific details, message could likely be a copypaste one.

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Form a tie or association, as in She had hooked up with the wrong crowd. Looking to explore secret passions, to experiment, or just to add some much-needed intimacy?

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I think a lot of people check each other out, but to test the waters a smile, poke or nudge would be good perhaps? Assemble or wire a mechanism, as in Dick helped us hook up the stereo system.

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I found three guys right away. I am most often turned off by men who comment on my looks. He was just a hookup—we're not dating or anything.

But, I wish you would. To meet or associate with someone: Consensus would usually go for guys sending the first message — with a few ladies who say such gender roles are needless in Women seem to confuse arrogance with confidence.

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There is someone out there for all of you. How to hook up online — what girls think by 6 years ago 10 minute read, posted in Community Dating skyscraper A while ago we approached guys to tackle one of the most fundamental questions of online communities, namely, how do guys and girls start talking.

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I really really appreciate a profile which has good grammar if English is their first language this is especially important! Ellie 20, Northampton — an English student who likes to spend her free time listening to a wide variety of music, playing video games and reading books.

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Someone from the cable company stopped by to hook the television up. I really feel that music says a lot about someone. Can someone join you once on your commute and can you share this thread with them, loudly, right next to the said wench?