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Ryu joon yeol hyeri dating, jisung & hyeri on 'entertain' and hwang jung eum & ryu joon yeol on 'lucky romance'

[BREAKING] Ryu Jun Yeol and Girls Day’s Hyeri Confirmed To Be Dating - Jazmine media

Fans are happy to see them dating in real life. He kept waiting for the right moment and lost it. The soundtrack was astonishing and brought together the scenes so that the audience really could connect with them.

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Jungbal and deoksun became real couple in real life!! Thank you," the agency said in a statement.

Ryu Joon Yeol and Hyeri confirm to be dating: reportedly started dating since last year?

This has become my new favorite Drama! I will just believe that he and deoksun ended up together. I really wouldve online dating bad stories what jane to see him once again in the present time, maybe joining the couple with his own family.

It wasn't fate that was at fault for their failed love story. I feel like crying again. I cant move on. You know what I mean if you've watched up to episode 19 YesPlease Who else is here after hearing their dating news and just crying happy tears???

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Am i only one that still with Jung hwan? I guess it's a good idea not to finish this series coz everyone seems devasted Noor Hedayah I want to watch back this drama.

Who hates on a fcking innocent child?? I was completely hungover myself on the fact that he had all the chances in the world with the pink shirt and when he told DS to blow the blind ryu joon yeol hyeri dating off and when that confession in the bar happened, but he missed all of it.

Hyeri and Ryu Joon Yeol's past skinship gains attention after their dating news

They wore padded jackets in order to hide their identities. But it matches the story line perfect. Junghwan has my heart gaaaaaah glassbead9 get over it and watch lucky romance if you want a happy ending for JungHwan.

Pretty much nothing - only served to console Sung Woo and his mother. Hyeri's agency, Dream T Entertainment, also confirmed their relationship and asked fans to support them.

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Maybe reply maybe 10years from now with gee,genie,snsd pants,abracadabra,dbsk and suju scandal and stuff lol esi obeng Yooo i swear, let a drama like this fuck with my feelings again and I will fuck up who ever wrote it and is directed it. I would've seriously probably slept better for a couple nights.

Couldnt they make him confess for once and for all just for the sake of it? And he did not even try to keep her when she was finally trying to move on.

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It's honestly his fault he didn't confess earlier and THAT really happens in real life. Literally if you don't want your life to be ruined don't watch the last two episodes they broke me and I am literally in tears. Maybe he didn't deserve her.

We didnt deserved this!

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Years from now I'll probably rewatch it just so I can feel my heart shattered into a million pieces again. But the last few episodes totally ruined me.

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Another set of photos were taken on August 11, shortly after Hyeri returned from Europe. I didn't even watch he last two episodes cuz I know I'll be tempted to break my phone or something.

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But with Jung Hwan giving up all his feelings so Taek can take the girl and turning all his sincerity into a joke kills me. Taek can't be with Dukseon, them two are like brother and sister.

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But not because Junghwan and Deokseon didn't end up together. That wouldve made me cry, but it would still be perfect. I like him the most, not only as Junghwan, but real Ryu Joon Yeol as well: I know that i will never accept as well.

[BREAKING] Reply 1988 Stars Ryu Joonyeol and Hyeri Confirmed to be Dating

If Jung Hwan were to ignore Taek and go through and express his feelings then the friendship arc collapses. Dispatch released a series of photos of them going on dates in disguise.

This Drama got stuck in my heart that I can't move on making me realize that I'm falling in love with Jung Hwan character!

I hope they continue to date and get married someday! They always have this not serious conversation with the parent and female lead, in the first few episodes of the drama, that she will marry the other character and really ends up with that character though we expect another result.

Rea Could Reply reply to me why Junghwan not with Deokson? I haven't watch the last two ep.

It’s been confirmed that Ryu Joon Yeol and Hyeri are dating!

Janne Walandouw its not writer fault if taek is the winner i dont care even its fix since very first eps. After watching R88, i felt like he and Hyeri have more chemistry than Bogum. I can not accept the damn ending despite the past seven months!

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H Rashid I loved this drama soooo much. Also, there was no mention of him when they got older. The actor's agency C-JeS Entertainment later confirmed their relationship. We ask that people watch over them warmly as their relationship is still in the early stages.