Sakurai Sho interview translation - AnAn Jan - Don't tell anyone I told you this Sakurai Sho interview translation - AnAn Jan - Don't tell anyone I told you this

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Oh the many things Sho gets up to with the appropriate prodding from Arashi.

Sho "Scandal". Update. - THE SHOW

I also get the feeling that though he is very social, his most intimate friends are not in the entertainment industry but are rather people he knew from way back since childhood he was in the escalator school system in Japan, which meant that he attended Keio's kindergarten cinema francese rendez vous datingsite to the university level, like many of his friends, so they must have known each other for very long.

Jun grinned and explained that he had confirmed with Sho's manager that Sho was still awake at that time. Can you put a 3. He attended the prestigious Keio University and graduated with a degree in Economics inmaking him the one with the highest level of education in Arashi.

Clearly, Sho's social circles are a little more varied than the other Arashi members, and that may contribute to his clean-cut image.

Love Situation: Sakurai Sho - The Adorkable Honor Student with A Versatile Rapping Voice

He's also pretty bad at drawing, a major source of amusement for the other members and probably a national joke in Japan. The main character is played by Okada Junichi of V6, and he has terminal cancer; however instead of wasting his last few months away, he decides to do all these outrageously hilarious crimes with his friends on a ragtag baseball team so that he can live life to the fullest before he dies.

Why would he have died?

Sho doesn't really play romantic roles, no matter how much we wish it, but much like Ohno, he sure looks irresistibly cute in an earnest way whenever we get a little smattering hint of romance in his dramas.

The reasons for this is because they are really close to each other; they show it in public and interviews but there is no real confirmation from the agencies. It also really helps that he's the only member who can speak conversational English, having studied it in earnest for some time after graduating college.

His vocal range is not the widest, and he cannot reach powerful high notes like Ohno or Nino. Within Arashi, Sho acts as a bridge the solemn and the frivolous.

Sho is, as I said earlier, a bridge between the serious Arashi and the frivolous Arashi. Note that the captions under these two screencaps are figments of my overactive imagination!

Masahiro Sakurai is still alive. He can do the tough-guy rap, where he sounds rough and coarse and full of swagger. Sho is great at reading and creating an atmosphere, and he smoothly directed the cameras to his face when he knew that Riida needed some relief from the spotlight.

[Drama] Sakurai Sho - Saki ni umareta dake no boku (COMPLETE)

If they limp alot their feet are sore and they need trimed or shoed. Later, when a "dream analysis" of Ohno revealed that he was feeling insecure about himself, the members all seemed a bit subdued especially the usually naughty Aimiya pair who would not miss a chance to have a friendly dig at a bandmate and unsure of what to say.

His dancing is also not particularly remarkable, because his body is just so stiff! Jun shut up immediately.

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When the MC's jokingly asked why Ohno wasn't speaking for himself, Jun simply replied that they were Riida's back-up support and Sho quickly followed with a comment on Ohno's habitual drowsy disposition. Sho's muscles and bare chest and his role as the rapper make him the "manly one" in Arashi.

The Nightmare Room guest. Appearance Sho is, as Ohno once said, an "ikemen.

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All of this makes him an excellent MC, which is a role he plays within Arashi and sometimes elsewhere on his own too.

His rapping voice is very versatile. We wonder who Sho has on speed-dial in his private phone. This guy has abs. The best part of this drama is his electrifying chemistry with Horikita Maki's cool-headed, manipulative character; she almost makes me think she's Nino in female form pulling prank after brilliant prank on Sho throughout the drama!

Also you are not going to find the e-mail address for Masahiro Sakurai because why would the relese that to the public his computer would malfunction from too many E-Mails!

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The drama that made me really fall in love with Sho was 's The Quiz Show 2, where he plays an amnesiac quiz show host who is manipulated by the show's vengeful producer played by an excellently cast Yokoyama Ryu of Kanjani 8 to rediscover his traumatic past episode by episode.

Sho sported quite the "yanki" cut. Remember that time he had to go on a roller coaster for one of their variety shows? Just look at those beautiful features!

Like when they were on Heyx3 when the scandal was running at its peak, a rather dazed and withdrawn Ohno was asked about his various projects and it was Sho who automatically answered for his leader, smilingly talking about his art exhibition and the new Maou drama, and even making a light joke about his new hairstyle.

Biography of Sho Sakurai (excerpt)

Can you guys imagine what it'd be like if Jun did T. I love seeing his almost Aiba-like childish side come out, like when he does his "Chesuto! Sakurai is one of the members in a Japanese boy band.

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He hasn't sported the gold hair since taking on his News Zero gig; I guess for practical purposes it is better if his hair stays a professional black. And to end, I can't resist putting in another graphic just to remind us how adorable of a fail our Keio-boy is.

The only SHO engines were the 3. He can't cook very well, either, though there are a few episodes where he manages to pull off some simple dishes.

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However, teenage Sho also had quite the temper, and kouhais like Jun would sometimes wilt under his wrath. It's just a combination that's unheard of.

If they ranked Jr's, Sakurai was definitely in the top ten, and was pretty close to the other most popular members like Takki. Sho in red with super sloping sholders! Jun is like that dark handsome stranger that comes to you in the mysterious night to sweep you away while Sho is more like the white knight in shining armor that gallops to you on a straight sunlit road.

He was certainly looked up to a lot as a Jr. But you'd be in for a big surprise if you think Sho's just a straight-laced Mr.

Even though he can rap in very low ranges, he usually cannot sing in those ranges. While filming for Tokujo Kabachi!!

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And his piercings have also disappeared. He can pull off the standard pop songs as well as some sweeter sounding numbers like "Kono Mama Motto. Jun's more romantic while Sho's more comedic; Jun's quietly contemplative while Sho's mind whirs as he talks nonstop with his colleagues.

He frequently scores perfects in the Kicking Sniper game on VSA and he's shown off some of his soccer skills on Arashi ni Shiyagare too! They are still very distinct personalities, though.

Whenever Arashi are onstage or on camera talking freely with each other, you can bet Sho is the one guiding the conversation or at least the one getting it started.

So perhaps we shouldn't give up hope on Sakurai and his "perfect body. Sho also has a very unique mouth.

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You'll see him step up to act as spokesperson when Arashi are on other programs like Music Station, too. A recent nickname is "Candle Sho," which came up on VSA when the Nazodi cast members revealed that Sho liked to light candles in his dressing room during the shooting.