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The coloured areas of plastic at the top and bottom of the phone do come across a little tacky, but they're not overpowering. At first glance, one would assume the E continues this frugal trend, but this phone actually comes with a few additional surprises that set it apart from its brethren.

There's an awful lot to like about the aesthetics of the E, from the recessed camera lens to the friendly and inviting music player control button, which is situated in the middle of the direction pad.

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Build to conquer Constructed entirely from plastic, the E's exterior has obviously been made on the cheap, but just like Samsung's other low-cost phones, this hasn't resulted in a loss of quality.

Another element that doesn't stadler flirt dbm scream sophistication is the one-piece rubberised key mat, but we can appreciate that it makes sense from a cost perspective.

You're unlikely to find this phone slipping from your grasp any time soon. It's unlikely to win over seriously dedicated mobile users, but as a starting point for newcomers both young and old, it's just the ticket.

MicroSD card support up to 2GB is on hand to further bolster the E's audio credentials, although the lack of a 3. The EE and E are hardly going to have Steve Jobs and Google quaking in their boots when it comes to raw functionality, but for the incredibly humble price you're getting a commendable amount of tech for your money.

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The candybar form factor instantly calls to mind the unfussy design of the Samsung E The presence of dedicated music controls are some indication of the phone's key selling point -- this is a music-playing mobile for the thousands of people out there who don't fall within Apple's great plan, simply because they can't afford an iPhone or iPod touch.

Welcome to the cheap seats Samsung's recent line of budget phones has provided a cheap, if technically unspectacular, route into the world of mobile ownership for plenty of consumers.

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It will also prevent unwelcome dust and grime from reaching the innards of the device. With an overall weight of just 74g, it's not what you'd call a heavyweight, but the 15mm thickness gives it a substantial quality, and the texture of the casing -- which features tiny raised dimples -- grants the E a considerable amount of grip.

Its plastic and rubber casing isn't particularly stylish, but it does serve a practical purpose when it comes to the key mat. It feels sturdy, with no annoying creakiness during handling. Granted, this isn't a product that is destined to stride down the technological catwalks of the mobile phone industry, but you have to admire the amount of effort that's gone into its appearance.

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Music to your ears Compared to its rather stunted relatives, the E packs in an impressive amount of functionality.