Sri Gandham _ Property Gift to your Kids in 15 Years : FAQ about Sandal Wood Plantation Sri Gandham _ Property Gift to your Kids in 15 Years : FAQ about Sandal Wood Plantation

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Even the drip irrigation adopted by our company can self detect and pin point any faults within it reducing supervision. It can grow to a height of 20 m and obtain a girth of 1.

Sandal tree plantation in india

Usually, a single baby plant cost up to Rs. Collected seed from August to march with identified seed collecting area of the age between 15 to 25 years plants, dried and treated seeds used for sowing by indigiones or scientific method.

Siri Agri Group considers this factor as the most important factor in which the company expertises. No oriental perfume is complete without it, and its sweet, powerful, lasting secretflirt account verwijderen bij makes it an excellent fixative in perfume.

Australian plantation sandalwood has been tried and tested sandalwood plantation in bangalore dating small plantations throughout WA for over 25 years by both private and Government organizations.

Parvathi Plantations

Sandalwood tree young plants require irrigation only in hot and summer seasons they do not require irrigation in the rainy condition.

Although overall production has decreased, by a significant percentage of its production was heading to the chewing tobacco industry in India alongside Indian sandalwood — the chewing tobacco market being the largest market for both oils in Almost 90 per cent of East Indian sandalwood oil is used in perfumes, cosmetics and soaps.

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The sandalwood plantations have been raised based on the guidance of Institute of Wood Science and Technology, Bangalore, who are pioneers in sandalwood research from many decades.

Germination from the seeds of the fruit takes about 20 days and then the roots of the seedling attach themselves to nearby trees, bushes and grasses. Sandalwood oil can be adulterated with diverse oils such as castor, palm and linseed.

Parvathi Plantations are proud to declare that we provide quality planting material stock of sandalwood seedlings raised in a scientific manner.

Essential oils of sandalwood have antispasmodic relieve spasm of musclesantibacterial kill bacteria and antiviral kill viruses properties.

Parvathi Plantations

After 12 years each plant may yield almost 10 to 25 kg of heart wood I. Estate Caring we provide dedicated staff and we make sure that the farm has been taken care off properly and also tress like Kids.

Renowned as green gold, sandalwood is one of the most expensive types of wood in the world today.

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The older the tree, the larger percentage of heartwood exists within the tree therefore the more oil is present within a given tree. The rest of the requirement of human labour needed to do the farming is select from villages following a stern recruitment process and the selected candidates are taken on permanent payrolls of Siri Agri Group with all facilities like, PF, pension, bonus and a small share in the profits.

The project is planned to be self funded for all its maintenance costs as Sandalwood farming needs host plants at various levels which manage continuous funding for management. Asians and Arabs use it in self-treatment for a great number of diseases.

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Although sandalwood trees in India, Pakistan, and Nepal are government-owned and their harvest is controlled, many trees are illegally cut down. It is mentioned in old Sanskrit and Chinese manuscripts: A mature tree can yield up to kg lb of oil, an enormous quantity.

Sandalwood trees start producing seed from around 4 years of age. The profit volume increases as the years pass and therefore reduces the risk of abandoning the project in midterm. Sandalwood Farming survival need of climate varies between 5 degree Celsius to 50 degree Celsius.

Interesting Sandalwood Facts:

Loss of key role personnel: There are two state-owned factories in India which have the capacity to producekglb of sandalwood oil and can cater for world-wide demand. The management practices, irrigation, fertilization, soil working, drainage, inducing stress and manipulation in hosteria are the main criteria for the early growth.

Fire normally happens in an unattended surroundings such as in wild forests. Sandalwood is best known by its beautiful scent.

Flowers attract honey bees and ants, which are responsible for the pollination of these plants.

Sandal seedlings (Quality Planting Material)

But, purchasing them from a genuine source is a smart thing. The saplings from this seeds are then grown in nursery for a period of 12 months before planting it into the cultivation area to further reduce the count of dead, week, infertile and impotent trees.

Sandalwood from the Mysore region of Karnataka formerly Mysoreand marayoor forest in Kerala, southern India, is high in quality.

The portion of heart wood is 20 to 30 kgs. It has very high levels of protein and may also be used as a food product.

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With the GO being realized its very obvious for individuals to take up Sandalwood farming and we at Siri Agri Group invite healthy competitors as we are strongly working towards the restoration of Indian Sandalwood within India.

Sandalwood is capable of growing in different kinds of soils like clay, sand, laterite, and loam. These sometimes refer to true sandalwood, more often other fragrant trees such as Pterocarpus santalinus.

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Sandalwood is the name of a class of woods from trees in the genus Santalum. Sandalwood Plantations Dear greenfarm, Mr.

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All major farm activities starting from digging holes for plantation, regular weeding of dry grass, watering the plants etc are managed by machinery reducing labour dependency.

Generally, sandalwood plants are the most valuable plant in India but for commercial plantation, you have to plant more numbers of plants on your farm. This is a long term project and people try to cut the cost at the initial levels.

The collected seeds are well-treated and dried in sunlight before seminate on nursery beds.