Product Review: Sculptresse Chi Chi – Sophisticated Pair Product Review: Sculptresse Chi Chi – Sophisticated Pair

Sculptresse flirtini review, shop by size

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Finally, Panache switched focus to a floral print earlier this year, and then a beautiful graphic lace design which we also have in the shop for fall. Of course, some customers find the projected sculptresse flirtini review a bit too much as well as bordering on pointy, making the Superbra Envy or Clara a tamer choice for them.

This is a wonderful, long-awaited development! And did you notice the blue takeover too? Panache has always favored a stretch lace cup design with old time favorites like Andorra and Jasmine leading to newer models like Clara, Envy, and Olivia.

Die Sculptresse Kollektion

For some brands it absolutely made sense: Elomi, Goddess, Elila, and Sculptresse continue to grow from strength to strength, offering the long-underserved full-figure customer increasingly nuanced, fasionable, and appealing designs.

My foul-mouth rambling aside, I have desperately wanted to review the Sculptresse Chi Chi forever because I love it both as an individual and as a bra fitter. The set also features a lovely suspender belt that gives it a delightfully retro high-waist look.

On the other hand, several brands seem to be treading water, both design-wise and business-wise. Overall There was a bit of a weird vibe in the air at the Javitz Center this season.

Perfekter Sitz. Optimale Kurven.

Petite or short-waisted people with naturally less sculptresse flirtini review between underarm and waist suffer the most from the underwire shape, and I have more than a few customers wearing J to K cups who switched to competitors like Elomi and Freya despite preferring the Panache profile simply because the wires of the latter hurt too much.

The fabric and lace also work together to be nearly seamless under knits, and considering the price is identical to Jasmine and Envy, I find the overall quality of Chi Chi superior. Which styles caught your eye? Panache, to their credit, seems to be actively working toward balancing the need of a stronger underwire for support and tacking mpeb tinder dating site the comfort issues mentioned by customers.

While I tend to think of Curvy Kate for bright colors, this season brings us pretty new style Ellace, along with re-colors for Dita, Ritzy, and Temptress a new-and-improved take on old style Tempt Me.

But just LOOK at how many blue bras there are!

Panache Sculptresse Flirtini Midi Brief

Green While a smaller color story, the greens we saw in full-bust bras are striking and cheerful. Elomi has a great new plunge style called Carmen, which features a stretch lace upper cup, that will go up to an HH cup and which begins in a 32 band.

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Eleanor Indigo, in particular, feels incredibly vibrant and modern, a fashionable and chic take on a classic shape. I love blue lingerie.


Given how bands stretch over time, I would prefer a 32 with an extender, but Sculptresse does not offer any styles in a 32 band. Motivation to be in front of a camera dissipates rapidly, but the world doth not stop for a forty pound weight gain.

The never-ending parade of blue bras feels a little like panic, like brands are looking for a sure-fire seller. Poison Ivy, a striking red collection, uses lace with large transparent heart details, Delphinium features a lovely textured pink sheer lace, Deadly Nightshade features that AMAZING star lace, and Oleander and Rubinette use the same pretty patterned lace to offset base silks of raspeberry or dark teal.

Experts in D Cup & Up

I practically sparkle in the sunlight. The peek-a-boo sheer collection, with cut-out gore, completely sheer cups, and ourvert knicker, is a particular favorite and already on my wishlist!

Long-standing style Caitlyn is beginning to be phased out, to be replaced with Cate, which will offer the same great shape and support with some slight fit tweaks and a new range of basic shades. Bunny seashells and Kitty stars.

Sculptresse By Panache Flirtini Balconette Bra Floral Peach - Brastop

Panache baffles me with those decisions and are presently repeating the cycle with the stellar Olivia also on my review docket where the fashion colors have been cream, teal, cobalt, and then another blue for next fall. The standout, though, has to be Mimi Holliday, whose whole season feels built around texture and pattern.

First, I feel pale folks like me are often overly catered to with light color bras. Friday, in between helping last minute shoppers, I squeezed together enough time to jot down the written portion as well as to organize the copious number of products I plan to review in the coming weeks.

I think there are shades of blue that look good on almost everyone unlike, say, yellow, no permutation of which has ever NOT made me look dead. Did you attend Curve or one of the other international trade shows? Mimi Holliday has pulled several Damaris classic styles, like the lace twist bra and cage-back knicker, into the more accessibly-priced Mimi collections.

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Many brands featured custom or quirky laces or mesh that add unique and occasionally witty touches to their collections. On the one hand, several brands were actively pursuing elegance and sophistication. Trouble is, when everyone picks the same safe choice, will they cancel each other out?

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They are absolutely gorgeous. Freya has added a non-wired version of their Active Crop Top sports bra style, and Goddess has a new sports bra available up to a G-cup.

In general, Chi Chi usually runs firmer with a less stretchy band than other styles, and I find the cup size consistent with Jasmine and Envy. Chi Chi is yet another variation, specifically designed for their plus-size Sculptresse line, and with each new iteration of the concept, Panache continues to master it more and more by genuinely incorporating fitter and customer feedback.

Utilizing a four-section cup, the Chi Chi boasts some of the best lift and forward projection in the entire collection, owing in large part to the stiffer side panel and lower cup fabric.