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At a kick-off meeting we discussed — among bouwkosten online dating things — reporting … how would the client like to measure the progress we were intending to achieve? It all got a little bit angry mob, which is never anything other than ugly, and absolutely never productive.

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In short, it works a bit like this — if you got your client some coverage in a newspaper and that coverage took up about half a page, then find out how much it would have cost to put an advert on that half a page. Because PR is more effective than advertising, and therefore more value is derived from it.

Then multiply that cost by three or five, or eight, or magic beans, who cares.

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Calls to stamp it out are as ludicrous as they are unhelpful, and hint at a fundamental failure to understand the economics and mechanics of the PR industry.

There will always be other PR agencies … more interested in servicing clients and saying yes to everything than they are with educating their clients. Back to the aforementioned shitstorm.

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There will always be other pipers. Which is why companies read out press releases in those little commercial breaks between the TV shows you watch … oh, wait, I think I made that last bit up.

Back to basics Now, about five years ago one of my PR clients was a large and well-known bank.

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I have also been a Meltwater customer in the past. Some of it has been a bit hysterical if you ask me. But I have had no dealings with the company or any of its staff for a number of years.

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It also reminds me of an old saying … he who pays the piper calls the tune. Denying that reality is a bit like trying to turn back the tide by force of your own puffed up ego.

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Which is just a bit mind boggling given that much of the ardent criticism was coming from people who have worked in the PR industry for a very long time and done very well. Yours truly, angry mob Things got a bit febrile in the old Twittersphere on Friday, with a lot of noise being made by a small number of PR practitioners and others all sounding off quite vociferously about how truly awful it was that Meltwater should be giving advice on how to measure AVEs, how truly truly awful AVEs are, and how truly truly truly awful anyone using AVEs must therefore be.

Although that really depends on what your definition of effective is in the case of the PR activity you are undertaking.