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Sevyn streeter and kid ink dating accuracy, what do you think of the video?

But the game did have a really engaging side mission where Peter had to take photos of key areas.

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Dedicated players can even unlock an achievement for visiting him on a specific holiday once a month for a year. Non-profit, educational kim kardashian dating tito jacksons son personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

The Ninja Turtles take sly jabs at each other, Raiden summons the obscure Kidd Thunder, and comic book characters rib their foes. Arkham Asylum, may hold the greatest easter egg of the series, if not all of gaming. For starters, the robot dinosaur works, letting out a very familiar roar.

One such impressive addition was Mysterio, who snuck a few Easter Eggs into his dialogue. But Scarecrow snuck in a surprising one. LK-4D4 Making a great comic book fighting game takes some effort, and Netherrealm Studios proved up to the task with Injustice 2.

VIDEO: Sevyn Streeter ft. Kid Ink "nEXt" - DDotOmen

Destroy it, and Batman will build something much sleeker: One of the more interesting ones was Dr. The mid-round quotes for Injustice 2 have proven the source of a host of Easter eggs.

Battle for Atlantis quickly being relegated to quirky trivia status. New York hid more than a few secrets, though. There have, naturally, been more superhero video games flooding the shelves in recent years.

Another scientist will proclaim it must be Dr. The game opens with a fun Easter egg, too.

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Freeman doing something with portals, a nod to the Half-Life series protagonist. Beyond Gotham has a huge roster, boasting over characters from the DC Universe at large. This is actually the designation of Cyrax, the Lin Kuei cyber-ninja who has popped up in multiple Mortal Kombat titles.

But it is a Batman game first and foremost, and the character select hides a fun Easter Egg.

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It suffered mainly from being compared to prior games, which featured much more content. The area has a lot of fun hidden things.

Arkham City for a series of missions. Arkham Asylum redefining the genre, while titles like Green Lantern: You got to try, try, try again So what would I do if I can't figure it out?

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The end result was a genuinely fun game, albeit one with a forgettable story and nothing too terribly groundbreaking. This was probably a tease for the then-upcoming Lego Jurassic Park game. Arkham Knight finally lets players scour the sprawling Gotham City.

Bout yo dough, I got my own, I got my own Ever since I walked in caught your eye, But now my life tryna find out if we could chill, if we could vibe when I got time 'Cause you loving how your Girl get down on this shit How I'm sounding right now on this shit Got you thinking 'bout making part two Swerving your legs 'Cause the ladies wanna hear Me talk wild on this shit So I'm a make 'em proud on this shit.

But gamers may have let one slip by them in the Stark Industries mission. You think we only want You for your money, and it's funny and that's why I came back top down Heard you got about 4 bitches say it Tried to say you had less boy don't do it If you say I'm on your mind show it I just want you to prove it Heard you got about 4 bitches say it Tried to say you had less boy don't do it If you say I'm on your mind show it You gon' need to spend more time to prove it oh, babe 'Cause I want you too, baby You too, baby, want you too, baby I really, really, really, really want you too I'm a break it down for you, the way I feel could not undo with what you got and I can fly in town for you, you ever running low on dough you know I got you If you really want I gotta take the time to figure out it don't come easy I know you really want me come see me You want my body on yours Loving how your girl get Down on this shit.

Video: Sevyn Streeter feat. Kid Ink – ‘nEXt (Remix)’

Some characters were just cameos. Email Comment Easter eggs have long been a popular aspect of video games. Most notably, if you remain still long enough in Psychosis Mode, Harley will begin to hallucinate a conversation with Harleen Quinzel, who pleads with Harley to just give up and go home.

And not just those immersion-breaking Batmobile sequences, either. In-jokes to previous games, previous stories and the extensive lore of the characters have led to these games having some of the best Easter eggs in modern gaming.