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Shadonna richards accidentally flirting with the ceo of apple, are you sure you want to leave this group?

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The more he guarded his heart the better it would be. Something Jess respected about her. She glanced over her notes that were spread out over her bed. Luckily, into the mediation, the claim was dropped when it was revealed the plaintiff made the whole thing up to get back at him for pulling the firing trigger at her dismissal meeting.

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At such short notice. She never wanted to hire Alexa, because she was young and pretty—she would be a distraction for Jess, especially with his track record. I crave his taste… his hardness thrusting inside my walls of desire….

He knew the owner of Hot Spot, a spoiled rich brat who inherited a whack of cash from her grandfather and teamed up with a friend to get this holiday resort thing going. Then it struck her hard like a bucking bull at a rodeo. He was on a new path now.

Accidentally Flirting with the CEO (Whirlwind Romance #1) by Shadonna Richards | LibraryThing

He opened up the door—then on second thought went back over by the bed and picked up his silk boxers to put on. This was supposed to be my appraisal, my employee evaluation for my conduct over the year. He had to learn to play it cool now. The owner of Hot Spot already hinted she might not renew.


He could tell by the way the phone vibrated twice. Jess Tandon is hot. The room felt slightly cool tonight with the window cracked open slightly to allow some breeze to seep through. Something was not right. She was all business. Jennifer granholm the dating game at home, of course.

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You know what happened at the firm with that woman and the lawsuit. He even offered to foot the bill out of his own pocket for Jess who promptly refused.

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Did she send the email? Clogged arteries were just not his thing. Jess had been slapped with a sexual harassment suit that was deemed later to be fabricated by a disgruntled ex-female employee. Alexa wished she were a four-legged feline with no cares in the world.

Then again, you might be able to get a reality show out of the scandal. Something she thought she would never ever be able to do again.

Accidentally Flirting with the CEO

Her stomach tightened in knots when she read over her own words. It took her two years to finally deal with the tortuous pain of her loss.

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Did you send the e-mail to me? He could be charming and command respect one minute and icy cold the next. He would be faced with another employee meeting tomorrow. But still, Jess took a chance on her. With his past girlfriends.

He felt he would rather have his folks back than the money. Heck, Macy and she had enrolled joking that maybe one day they could become published novelists and maybe even quit their day job—if they were lucky.

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Too much on his mind. She studied hard online and got her papers and was now working on her Masters degree online. Otherwise he would be on a less-stress-diet plan. She peeked over and saw Mittens, her sweet little three-year old ginger shorthair cat, was fast asleep on the bed.

She really needed to focus on the beautiful aspect in the world for a change. Hot Spot was having an extreme image makeover and wanted to relaunch this year to compete with other Caribbean resorts. Alexa had stayed up late that night working hard on creating a sizzling love scene for her online romance writing course—the assignment was due the next day.

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I see what you mean. He lay on the bed, eyes open now with a lot on his mind. It had been an unusually humid day in the month of May for Mercy Springs, Texas—but thank God, the night was cooling down.

His ever so stoic, old-fashioned older half-sister, who could practically be his mother, Lee Leon warned all employees about sexual harassment in the office and inappropriate conduct.

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Yet another reason why he would never run for political office. The L in TLC.

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A feeling of horror washed right through her. How am I going to get any sleep now?

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Tomorrow morning before her employee evaluation with Jess, Lee, and Chase, his laid-back cousin who was also part owner of the firm—he was going to read that e-mail. He was trying to get into the environmentally friendly energy-saving thing.

He had to watch his heart and his back in this industry. Busting his butt, meeting client demands. He had to satisfy his newest client, Hot Spot Resort, with their impossible demands and get a major photo shoot on the island done ahead of schedule. After all, it was a private in-class assignment. His soft lips brushing mine… Alexa squeezed her eyes shut and held her head in her hands sensing a migraine coming on.

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