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Shaken up or shook up the world, example sentences containing 'shake up'

He needed to stand out from the crowd, to make his mark on public awareness. He beat Frazier once more, yet another war of attrition which ended in 14 rounds, then, in Februaryhe lost the title to Leon Spinks.

He played a significant part in the drama of his age. People began to notice him, to talk about him.

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I want to know who made the rules, what has sway over us. So I smoked with Seth one afternoon when the girls were napping, and oh my God, I can only think about this for a minute or every part of me will turn into a mouth wanting more: From the start of his professional career, he realised that ability was not enough.

I'm so great I don't have a mark on my face.

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You apparently know a different version of English from what I was taught and what is described in dictionaries. I could actually hear the punches pounding the body and jolting back the head, the small grunts of pain which Ali emitted as the blows found their target and the fatuous shrieks of his odious camp-follower Bundini Brown: His appearance at the opening of the London Olympics was heart-wrenching.

It was boxing, you see; the Noble Art, the sport in which fighters take all of the blows while men in sharp suits pocket most of the cash. Ali trains at the Territorial Army Gymnasium in White City ahead of his second fight with Cooper George Foreman gave Ali's body a brutal workover, but tired himself out in the best dating sim apps android with stunning results It was the strategy of the asylum, yet it worked.

Self-confidence was acceptable but only when it was tempered with discretion.


Ali was within four months of his 39th birthday, he had been idle for two years and had shed 33lbs. The outcome was even worse than we feared.

We are at the End of the World.

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Most of you will be sideshows, extras in the grand unfolding of truth. And he possessed each of those qualities in staggering profusion. It is probably more common as a predicate adjective, but it is possible to find on the internet many examples of its use as an attributive adjective.

People who are much smarter than you.

Shook Up The World Lyrics by Puddle Of Mudd

He did not fight for almost four years, between 25 and 29 when he would have been at his peak. Ali was beaten up in 10 rounds and that was that. That win is fondly remembered as the start of a special sporting career, but few gave Ali a chance on fight night in Miami.

When he removed his robe, he seemed adequately fit, free from the blubbering fat which had recently clung to his waist.

Any valid assessment of Ali must include that streak of wanton spite.

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A uniquely ugly occasion had run its course, leaving the broken man to stumble towards his future. For him, modesty was unpalatable and defeat unthinkable.

Tottering senility will come hobbling, leaning on a crutch, and behind these will come unrelieved boredom and despair. Within a few years, Muhammad Ali had become the most celebrated individual on the planet.

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God is in the tremors. He exuded a manic optimism, a conviction that everything was possible if only you had sufficient nerve and courage and talent. Certainly it had never known a man capable of fulfilling to the letter even the most outrageous of his promises.

I'm so great I don't have a mark on my face Ali following his defeat of Liston But Ali's bravado could not hide his fear, which is what makes the first round in Miami one of the most significant of his life. I knew the stuff was bad, but I was so tired of being the cop, begging and ragging at him, throwing Pampers in his face when he walked in the door.

The criminally incompetent referee allowed the slaughter to continue through 10 rounds until the cornerman Angelo Dundee pulled his fighter out.

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He left his stool wide-eyed with unfulfilled promise and returned to it convinced that his wildest boasts could actually come true. I gently shake Anna-Louise fully awake. He had shaken up the sporting world and would go on to transcend sport with his charm, quick wit and even quicker gloves in a way that no athlete had done before or since.

There would be better boxing displays in his career and he would be made to reach even deeper to prevail, but 25 February will always be one of the most significant Ali moments. Unwilling to surrender even a hopelessly devalued meal ticket, they arranged just one more fight.

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Ali could do all of these things and very much more besides. As for your last sentence, I really don't know what to say. I wanted to be on the same side again.

Shake up the world -

And yet, these past eight years, a black president has adorned the Oval Office. He said some foolish things and made some poor decisions and yet he made a difference.

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Hence the daft little rhymes, the bumptious assertions, the calling of the conclusive round. This move incensed a wide swath of white America, particularly when it was followed, three years later, by his refusal to serve in Vietnam.

Have you really lived? Not people who could give me a job or a deal, but people who could shake me up, teach me something, challenge my ideas about myself and the world. You may not contribute anything to the great equations that describe the universe to the world. Forced to take punches, Ali showed the durability that would characterise the second half of his boxing career, until with sight restored, he was able to attack again and eventually forced a disillusioned Liston to retire on his stool.

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Though it is black and we can't see and our world seems to be free-falling and we feel utterly alone, Christ is most present to us, I-beam supporting in earthquake. Don't exploit that to crawl your way to the top.

But down the years, each time we saw him, his condition had deteriorated. But the evil in the world, everywhere you looked, was always on April's mind.

The sport he knew has virtually ceased to exist.