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But when she continues to refuse, Kenji does something crazy. Summit bhardwaj and sonal vengurlekar dating website the ride, Kelay continues Kenji and Athena's story.

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It is later revealed that Athena has a heart disease where she cannot experience extreme emotions such as being too happy, angry, sad, or even falling in love. Luckily, Kelay wakes him up. The caller tells her that a plane has crashed and that Kenneth Delos Reyes is one of the passengers.

Athena tells her parents to not get worried because she believes that Kenji's love will make her live longer just as how her parents' love had.

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Kenneth then asks Lucas, out of curiosity, if he knows the reason why Athena and his father did not end up together. It is there that Kelay reveals that she is really not Kenji's daughter she even jokes that since they are not siblings, Kenneth can court her.

Kenneth opposes to this and says that he is the only child of Kenji Delos Reyes, has a birth certificate to prove it, and knows nothing about her. Kenneth is annoyed at Kelay wanting to bring her aunt and his father together especially since Kenneth has heard of her as the woman that his father secretly loved, resulting to the death of his mother, whose name is also Athena.

During Athena's physical education class, her female classmates throw volleyballs at her and tell her that they don't even look good together because they are jealous of her "relationship" with the gangster.

Kenneth tells her that he will be fine and that he promises that his father and her aunt will have their happily ever after. In the text, Kenji is apologizing to someone called "Bee" and asking her if they could talk in their favourite place.

Kenneth is the one who answers. Plot[ edit ] Kenji Delos Reyes delivers a speech during the wedding reception of his college friends, Kirby and Grace. One day, Athena does not go to school and her best friend cannot tell Kenji why leaving him confused.

He tells her that she should just find out herself to which she replies that she cannot because her heart is weak. But before they even get to leave, her beeper starts to ring, catching Kenji's attention.

When challenged, their love bends, then folds, but ultimately breaks. Kelay says that maybe his ex had changed her number and when Kenji asked from his friends her new number, they gave him Athena Dizon's by mistake, thinking she was the Athena he was referring to.

After he reads the letter, Kenneth looks at the picture.

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But maybe this is where Kenneth and Kelay will do a better job. Kenneth, surprised, brings Kelay to a fast food chain to eat and interrogate her.

Kenji tells Athena what Bee's mother told him and said that he refused because he wants to be with her. He asks her if Bee is looking.

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She's Dating the Gangster earns P15 million on its first day "Kilig much? While he talks to her angrily, his ex passes by, resulting him into pushing her against a wall and sinking his head in her neck, making everyone, including Bee, think that he is kissing her, when he really is just whispering to Athena.

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Bee then tells Athena to take care of Kenji when she is gone. It is a picture of the first time that his father has held him. Kelay, on the other hand, who continues to insist that she is the daughter of Kenji, has nothing but a picture of Kenji as a teenager together with a teenage girl who looks just like her to prove it.

Lucas says he had only found out recently.

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He does a lot of mean things to make Athena his fake girlfriend like tying the laces of both of her shoes together and framing her as the one who hurt one of their professors. Eventually, Kenji finds out that Athena Dizon is the one who receives his texts and calls and not Athena a.

The story then continues. Later that day, Lucas comes and tells Athena to come with him because Kenji is at the hospital.

Back in Manila, Kenneth surprises his father with a reunion with his old friends. He says that he has been listening and that the story makes him hate Kelay's aunt more because their love story makes him feel guilty.

Seeing this he quickly set off to the airport to know about his father's whereabouts. Hurt physically and emotionally, Athena takes her bag and runs out of the gym. Athena, even if she did not want to lose Kenji, told him to stay with Bee because she did not want to sacrifice someone's life just so their love could stay alive.

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Kenji goes to the salon to have his hair finally cut, because he has moved on from Bee. In the letter, Kenji apologizes to his son for making him feel like he was nothing to him. While at the airport, he meets a distraught woman named Kelay, who claims that she is the daughter of Kenji Delos Reyes.

All photos courtesy of Star Cinema One of the greatest love stories, Romeo and Juliet, was a matter of timing. Ask for something stronger. Mayon that they will get married there.

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After Kenji hears this, he asks Athena to pretend to be his girlfriend so Bee may be jealous and come back to him. Maya throws the rose on the ground and walks away picking her skateboard up After school at the pool bar Well im here at the pool bar with Maya as i was just watching her as she plays pool "So can you teach me how to play" i asked "no" she said with no emotions "why not" i asked "because if this was Hayley she would just sit here and watch" she said as she dragged me back to the chair I wiggle and wobble at the chair making crazy tantrums like a child not having an ice cream "C'mon just fucking teach me" i shouted as she pull me down me infront of her as if she was teaching me how to play pool I saw Hayley enter the pool bar.

And the reason why Bee decided to have a relationship with Lucas was to move on from Kenji because she could not bear to see someone else with him.

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When Athena goes back to school, she finds Kenji absent. I listen to her as i lift my head a little bit seeing me with her friends made me feel a little better about myself, i guess Its the middle of the day and is it weird that im actually looking for Maya's presence?

Ask for something greater. Without giving too much away, Kenji and Athena make the noble, arguably harder, decision.