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This may seem lazy, but it is most likely the only way to get every major event told.

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It is, however, dating books bestsellers to distinguish the characters. The wrath of God, punished by death.

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Because of this, the books are quite text-heavy and there is limited present character involvement. Enjoyment 6 The Holy Bible has been in many formats. It is a good read, but nothing more than that.

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Reception[ edit ] Before its creation, some Christians expressed concern that the Manga Bible series format would "cheapen the gospel. Most of the characters has the exactly same face, but with a different hair color.

As a whole, she felt it was too simplistic, even for a teenage audience.

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There are shocking scenes, heart-breaking scenes and even grotesque happenings. As a whole, he felt the book was a faithful adaptation of the gospels, but did note that some slight liberties taken with the story would "probably bother steadfast Christians".

Rape, murder and torture are just some of the keywords describing these. The drawings are simple and you will often encounter scenes where people's eyes are set too far apart, while some has their mouth set too high on their faces.

She partially supports Wilson's assessment, feeling the depictions of the Pharisees were implausible and that "most depictions of Pharisees or other opponents are caricatures of unappealing people which become sterotypes [sic] by the time one has finished reading the book".

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The manga version of the bible is probably the most interesting way get your fill. Brady of the website "Manga Life" found Manga Messiah to be "a fairly authentic manga," feeling it had an authentic manga background and styling, but showing Western-influences in its use of full-color pages and greater amounts of captioning and text.

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Heck, some characters even have the same hair-style, but with a different color. Good, of the Christian think tank Ekklesia, rebuked the book for its removal of the tension between Jesus and his family and the removal of Judas from The Last Suppersuspecting that Japanese family values had been allowed to intrude upon the original text.

They also both criticized the book's occasional odd phrasing when key dialog was rewritten using modern English.

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But finally, it has reached Japan's most popular format ever: The trio felt the manga contained extreme Anti-judaistic views and was pushing for an idea of "objectifying Jews as non human".

Most of the story is told through text-boxes instead of the characters, as a way around this. The first two books are made after the new testament Jesus and Paulus and mostly consists of a light-hearted tone, while the three latter ones are made after the old testament.

There are no "good" Jews depicted in the comic.

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The coloring is horrible, due to the fact that everything looks like it was colored in paint. The three latter books improves this and feature more speech bubbles, which also makes each book more interesting to read.

If there weren't a character's list at the end of the book, it would be nearly impossible to identify them. However, the many faults makes it far from a perfect manga adaption.

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Every book features a couple of short-stories, while most of the pages consists of a journey made by the character on the cover of the book.

The third book Melech are probably the most interesting one, as this one features the most shocking events in the bible: Not just offensive -- ghastly and horrific in content with a clear enemy scapegoat identified for venting apocalyptic religious bigotry.

However, the three latter books improves this and gives each manga a more watercolor-like color, which is easier on the eyes.