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Do single people posters think that these efforts were effective ways to call for public conservation and donations? The work of individual artists of the era is available by browsing the collection's Contributor.

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How did graphic artists portray these efforts? Art critic Carl Zigrosser popularized the term without crediting Velonis and serigraphy later became a popular technique among artists such as Robert Rauschenberg and Andy Warhol.

Do you think that the public was required to make personal sacrifices? Do you think that this is censorship?

How do these efforts compare to the building of high-rise housing projects during the second half of the twentieth century? The Solution to Infant Mortality apecrime dating like a boss the Slums" represent the effort to promote these projects.

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This new production technique, along with the ambitious art direction promoted within the FAP, allowed for greater artistic expression and experimentation in poster design. A search on the term, rent, yields renditions by four artists of apartment complexes from the Cleveland Metropolitan Housing Authority.

For example, milk is advertised "for health, good teeth, vitality, endurance, strong bones" and as a solution for both "winter warmth" and "summer thirst.

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War loans and the sale of Liberty Bonds covered half of the cost of the war. What other types of programs do you think might have improved the living conditions in these parts of a city?

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Tony Velonis" features a brief video recording of a interview with Velonis discussing why he didn't want credit for coining the term, serigraphy, and explaining his personal experience in the FAP: Posters from the WPA,provides many opportunities to develop historical thinking skills.

Anthony Velonis and Serigraphy Anthony Velonis in What motivations did the posters provide the public for supporting planned housing? The nation mobilized for war in the wake of Japan's December attack on Pearl Harbor.

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Selections from the Federal Theatre Project: A search on health produces posters that emphasize a number of proactive approaches to health care. Do you think that new housing could combat some of the social ills of the city, as advertising suggested?

Other posters called for specific donations of time and equipment. The WPA also had federal health agencies that provided services to address disease epidemics and to raise public awareness.

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Searches on the terms salvage and water produce posters portraying conservation as an integral part of the national defense. Based on these posters, how would you describe the atmosphere and prevalent attitudes in the United States during the s and s?

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For example, one poster promoting treatment for syphilis declares, "Shame may be fatal: The newly-established War Production Board converted industries from a commercial to a war effort and conserved scarce materials such as steel.

How do these images representing existing housing projects compared to the images of new low-income housing? A search on binocular also produces U. Why or why not?

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Many of the housing developments were based on European designs that optimized sunlight and ventilation and featured landscaped parks.

A poster for low-rent housing in Cleveland. Some posters also provide an opportunity to assess race relations in the early-twentieth century and to discuss whether perpetuating of racial stereotypes contributed to the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II.

What types of public actions were promoted during World War II?

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What types of images and colors are used to depict the slums? Searches on terms such as volunteer and enlist yield advertisements calling for people to join the civilian defense and for skilled laborers to build boats for the Navy. How do these posters compare to posters that advertised specific developments such as the program from the Cleveland Metropolitan Housing Authority?

How do sanitation and nutrition relate to these actions? Posters were lettered and pained by hand prior to the s. What types of public service information did posters provide regarding the war?

In addition to limiting consumption, citizens were asked to contribute money and goods. Other posters emphasized the importance of preventive efforts such as "community sanitation planning" and proper nutrition. What types of programs were introduced to address economic concerns of the s?

How do you think that the public responded to these requests?


What types of fonts and images did artists employ to convey their messages? A search on the term, planned housing, yields posters presenting new housing developments as a means to reduce social problems such as fires, juvenile delinquency, infant mortality, crime, and disease.

Anthony Velonis, an artist with the Federal Art Project, learned the silkscreen process while working in his brother's sign shop, and he transformed production methods around Why do you think that the federal government was interested in promoting such actions?