Solo Female Travel in Turkey : Safety Tips For Women Traveling Alone Solo Female Travel in Turkey : Safety Tips For Women Traveling Alone

Single woman traveling in istanbul, further reading

The simple fact is wherever you are in the world; an element of danger is always present. Instead, the restaurant, Fenra? Honestly, I have felt safer in Istanbul than I have ever felt in Delhi. The Turkish hospitality is amazing.

Is the level of danger any higher than the western world? I heard it was built in the 14th century so I thought it would be cool.

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Warnings You might see single woman traveling in istanbul women hitchhiking in Europe, but don't attempt it yourself. Ignore any unwelcome comments, and if you are being directly harassed, making a lot of noise generally embarrasses the person involved.

Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question before planning your trip.

I'm a woman traveling on her own so I very much welcomed the warmth of the hotel owners. Even airline stewardesses employed by Emirates are expected to dress modestly.

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I thought at first that it might be a little conservative since the hotel specified that couples had to provide a marriage certificate in order to share a room!

To receive our exclusive listings that can't be seen anywhere else. One of the biggest reasons to travel is to meet new people, and form new friendships.

Adjust your style in each place you come to. If your budget allows, stay in inns or hotels that have central lobbies rather than walk-up motels.

Solo woman in Turkey – Big Travel Nut

As I was laying in the dry sauna, a woman who works there peaks in and says something to me, so I think they are closing and I ask her if I need to leave to which she replies "yes".

My relaxing night turned out to be stressful. Some people believe solo female travel in Turkey is foolish. They were nice as well.

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Sultanahmet is filled with professional "gigolos" practiced in the art of courtship and persuasion. There seems to be a lot of immigrants from the Middle East in Istanbul.

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Step 6 Leave your purse at home. Never once did I feel unsafe while in the UAE, and my trip overall was a phenomenal one; however there were many instances when I felt incredibly uncomfortable.

Being a Muslim countrymodest dress is expected.

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Flickr CC user emmamilley The biggest challenge I faced was respecting Islamic traditions while trying to dress for the desert heat!

However, many destinations inland and in the East of the country adhere to more conservative dress standards and finding English speaking Turks can sometimes be hard.

How to Travel in Europe as a Single Female

The UAE is one of the safest places in the world to visit — however I learnt pretty quickly while in Dubai that women travelling alone are somewhat of a novelty, and attract a LOT of unwanted attention. Of course he had a carpet shop! When a young, beautiful foreign woman journeying alone from the United States to far away Turkey and goes missing and is subsequently found dead in a less than affluent neighborhood of Istanbul - apparently perceived as a greenhouse for all forms of crime - everyone feels saddened.

As mentioned above, travelling alone has many benefits. Restaurant street in Sultanahmet The restaurant touts and some carpet shop owners stand outside their door and try to get you to come in.

And next time, I will pick my own fish restaurant and hammam.

Safety Rules for Women Travelling Alone in Turkey

Dress modestly at all times to avoid unwanted attention. Suckered into a carpet shop The day after that, another guy called out to me as I was walking down the street asking where I was going. I had no problems whatsoever during my two weeks.