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And, what a lot of you were waiting for has arrived. Kyouko wonders if it is over. After a pause, Corn says that this voice is okay. Ren holds a stick and writes on the sand.

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So, he has to lend the voice of lichenometric dating services from this world to speak.

We cannot change the fact that people act in a certain way. Kyouko cries over how great it is that Corn has already become an outstanding adult.

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While carrying out the drink, she recalls Corn telling her that an adult fairy is suppressed so he can only use magic once and he also cannot use skip beat 206 online dating wings to fly. Slightly irked, Corn asks if she hates this voice.

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The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude. Kyouko asks if it is over. We cannot change our past. Meanwhile, Ren looks blank. She described to him what a coconut is. Unexpectedly, Tsuruga-senpai suits having golden hair and bluish-green eyes type Actually, if a little kiss on the cheek and being called her first name are enough to drive Kyouko crazy because of Ren.

She has that kind of skill so he thought of running away from her. Hopefully there is no unnecessary, dragging drama over Ren keeping that identity a secret especially since the pacing of this series is very slow.

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She mentally tries to endure and straighten up her face. After wiping her tears, Kyouko looks at Corn and asks if he already can fly far away.

From his ending thoughts, it seems that he will tell her the truth. We cannot change the inevitable.

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He reckons that she is thinking of him whether he forgot to eat or not. He closes his hand to a fist. Ren thinks that Kyouko has a huge expectation on him even if he has no way of doing any special amazing thing.

Looking serious, Ren thinks that maybe, at this time, it really has come closer, the day when he thinks that he can forgive the existence of Kuon in his heart.

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Then, Kyouko opens her eyes when Corn snaps his fingers. Or maybe, he is giving her a huge hint who he is. She asked him to accompany her. She also mentioned about drinking it before when she was a child so she always wanted to drink it again. Next chapter will be out on December 20th in Japan.

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November 20, Skip Beat! Corn touches her head, then her forehead. Ugh, such destructive power that it causes her face to distort.

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Kyouko tearfully says that she has been worried about him since he always listens to her heartaches but he never told her of his heartaches so she always thought that it would be good if she had listened to his heartaches.

While Kyouko is puzzled over what he is trying to do, Ren is stunned for it is dangerous to touch her. And because of that attitude, on contrary, he has no way of openly feeling happy about it. Kyouko closes her eyes.

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Corn mentioned about buying a drink. Corn holds out his hand and touches his lower eye. Kyouko thinks that she would have complex feelings if she can hear her voice on Corn but to see this magic, she is so excited.

So, it is now up to Ren — will he still continue to lie or tell her the truth? Thinking that she catches on quick, Ren gives her a thumbs up.

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He felt awful for making a minor-aged girl use her money on him. There is a scene of Kyouko reluctantly giving her ten thousand yen bill into the donation box of the shrine during hatsumode [first shrine visit] with the Daruma couple.

Corn says that seeing her like that, he also wants to change his voice but in the human world, he can only use magic once a day.

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