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This was a communication channel that linked the Atlantic with the Pacific, through a narrow path, but made of stones of different sizes, which were stuck in the ground, giving a solidity and firmness that defied the centuries.

The Camino de Cruces presented enormous dangers, apart from the possibilities of attacks by criminals, robberies and murders, to which these desperate travelers were exposed. In the administrative headquarters we find the offices of the park, where the visitor is informed and oriented on issues related to it.

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This protected area has 5 houses and control posts for park rangers, located in: Article 5 of the Park establishes: The second Venta de Cruces was a place of rest for adventurers and conquerors who traveled this road for centuries; It was an important point in the Camino de Cruces, here the merchandise was unloaded and transferred to boats to be transported by the Chagres to the sea, or loaded in mule trains, if their destination was Panama.

A road that leads to the dam of Madden crosses the humid tropical forests of the park.

History of National Sovereignty Day

The events that took place in California, with the discovery of gold deposits, in Californiadetermined a resurgence for the intercontinental transport of the immense amount of passengers eager to move to the new paradise. The first was used in colonial times to transport merchandise and treasures from Peru, Baja California and Chile.

History The great diversity of flora and fauna of the park is complemented by the historical and cultural value represented by the conservation of the paved Camino de Cruces, which crosses the park of East and West, and the remains of the town Venta de Cruces.

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It is one of the protected areas of the country with the easiest access, since it is just over half an hour from Panama City. We also find the houses of Technicians and Park Rangers that has all the basic services, used by the staff that works in the park. The park is located along the eastern margin of the Panama Canal, in the provinces of Panama and Colon and is 25 kilometers away by road from Panama City.