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Factors influencing more for being overweight are: And therefore gives us results in poor physical appearance internally and poor health.

Get via Downloader 5. In the case of overweight by increasing the muscle, comes in amateur bodybuilding mainly and some other sports that require large muscle development, and in the case of overweight by retention of body fluids, is a characteristic of people with sobrepeso sintomas yahoo dating disorder in their metabolism and cardiovascular some discomfort.

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El sobrepeso se considera actualmente como una enfermedad, por sus afecciones al cuerpo y a la salud del paciente. Being overweight is a very high risk for the individual as it is more likely to get diabetes, suffering from hypertension and especially cardiovascular and cerebrovascular type.

The measure limits on women diameter of your waist is 88 inches, and in the case of men is inches, passing this limit the chances are capricorns are flirts any harm of cardiovascular type. Studies have cardiovascular-related diseases are related to the size of the diameter of the abdomen because that's where fat tends to accumulate more.

Genetic or inherited and altered metabolism A mismanaged power and abuse of carbohydrates, which together with the lack of physical exercise routines and combined with a sedentary lifestyle, gives results in overweight and with it a bad Have a very slow metabolism, although this is also caused by lack of physical activity a poor diet of the individual and with very little fiber in your diet.

But excess fat significantly affects the performance of the body, the more fat that clogs less movement and joints and worse the blood vessels. This excess weight is not always a result of too much fat in the body, as is obesity, but there are several factors that can result in overweight, as they can be a higher volume of bone mass that can be someone.

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Es por eso que es importante medirse regularmente y por lo menos tener esa base para prevenir posibles riesgos. Psychological factors such as: Being overweight is now considered a disease, their body conditions and health of the patient.

The body needs a small amount of fat for the proper functioning of all systems, hormonal, reproductive system, for energy storage, for proper thermal insulation of the body, the immune system, such as shock absorber in areas delicate. Los factores que influyen mas para tener sobrepeso son: Lack of exercise and high carbohydrate food are the main cause and has led in Mexico and elsewhere worldwide epidemic proportions, it is estimated that nearly one billion people are overweight, and this is in all age levels and both sexes.

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At present, according to nutrition experts, the most reliable way to identify hazards and symptoms that can lead overweight in health, is measuring her waist. That is why it is important to check regularly and at least have that base to prevent possible danger.

Or Muscular Hypertrophy, or have many muscles and finally any conditions that have the person who does accumulate plenty of fluids.