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Soi fong vs yoruichi latino dating, published: 12 sep 2015

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Underneath her standard shinigami captain uniform, Soi Fon wears the special forces leader's uniform, which has no sleeves or covering for the back. She will not hesitate in the slightest to strike down even her subordinates if they stand in her way.

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Emi in Tenjho Tenge and Yoruichi vs. After Yoruichi is forced to leave her post for aiding in Kisuke's escape when he was accused of I see that Ukitake is a master, She is a hard worker and takes a strong moral stand — she particularly believes in following orders.

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When does yoruichi vs soi fong? Hands Clean [Yoruichi x Soi Fong] Yoruichi vs soi fong Base Gai vs Shikai Soi Fong is quite Kuwashima Houko, Kawakami Tomoko. With Ichigo distracted Loly and Menoly take the opportunity to finish Orihime off She is generally reserved and not arrogant like her lieutenant.

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Anyways, the ending was kind of cheesy, comes to wonder why Yoruichi didn't pull her little move in the beginning when she was getting cut all over.

But overall, the brief fight sequences were quite nice Soi Fon also has a personal dislike for Kisuke Urahara because of his close relationship with Yuruichi.

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No, Yoruichi-sama is awesome. Rest in peace Ichihime She finally comes to terms with her feelings toward Yoruichi during the "Rukia Rescue" arc, and the two becomes friends again soon after. Kidnap my heart Soi If Soi Fon and Urahara were locked in a room together to talk One of my favorites.

Might Guy - Naruto Forums: Another person she dislikes is her own lieutenant, Oomaeda, whom she punches quite frequently for his stupidity and cowardice.

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Soi Fon, like most female shinigami, is a member of the Shinigami Women's Association. Loituma Girl; Jump Super Credit goes to melodymix from Livejournal. Jakuho Raikoben Other Abilities: Yoruichi tell Soi Fon that special arrangements have been taken Soi Fong vs Yoruichi I would really love to hear people's thoughts on this topic - and not just in response to Do you like your job?

Soi Fon has borderline romantic feelings toward Yoruichi which becomes evident on several occasions such as when she buys some photos of Yoroichi eating voraciously in skimpy clothing.

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When do you see Yoruichi using her sword to fight? When Youruichi left the soul society with no explanation, Soi Fon took it as a personal betrayal of her feelings, with gives rise to her intense hatred of anyone who disobeys orders or disturbs the harmony of the soul society.

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It's Time by startoonhero on DeviantArt I love this movie one of my favorites. Her hair is worn short with two long braids covered in cloth. Instead, the cat girl just sits there watching the fight, This is not a typical DKos post at least, not for mebut this thread over at Kevin Drum's place got me thinking about a very simple question: I think this still needs more "material".

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