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Recently In Dream High 2 Musicals The follow-up to the smash hit, Dream High 2 boasts an almost all-new cast, and an all-new story.


Jinwoon held his debut stage last month[ when? Marriage Not Dating Korean Dramas Refusing to go along with his family's wishes to get married, Kong Ki Tae brings home a fake girlfriend that his parents would never approve of.

He was hosting M. Jung Jin Woon is only 21 years old, but the way that things have been going for him, he will be continue to climb the ladder of success.

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Discussion Profile Jung Jin Woon is an artist that is sweeping the entire Asian continent at the moment. He is the youngest member of the boy band 2AM.

He played Choi Seung-chan, a former rookie rising baseball star, in the South Korean television series called Madame Antoine: It also features mixing by engineer Michael Brauer.

The surgery went well and currently he is going through a recovery process.

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Inhe made an appearance on the television series Family Needed. This has only helped to enhance his status among his fans and has helped to build his brand into something to be envied by others who have not yet been able to copy his success.

The ladies certainly love him for that aspect. He plays guitar, drums, bass guitar, bongo and piano. Prior to debut, he was in a band called "No Comment". He studied at Daejin UniversityDept.


He graduated high school from BaekAhm High School. Madame Antoine Korean Dramas A famous fortune teller who claims to be spiritually linked to Marie Antoinette goes head-to-head with a skeptical psychotherapist who aims to prove that true love doesn't exist.

His limited single 1, copies went on sale on August 4. Based on his fame with this band, the singer has made some television appearances on shows such as Dream High 2. This is another feature about him that makes his brand very appealing to a lot of people in the area.

Countdown along with bandmate Jo Kwon in Jinwoon wrote and composed the song. On October 7, he suffered a car accident and went into surgery.

Big Hit Entertainment revealed on November 15, "Jinwoon successfully completed a joint production with Yoon Do Hyun's Band, who he's admired for a long time.

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Having the looks and talent in this day and age are a sure ticket to stardom. The Love Therapistwhich was released in January Through his concert, Jinwoon will deviating from his 2AM image to show a new "rocker" side to his personality.

This was followed by another two-single mini-album, which includes the songs "Now or Never" and "Psycho", [8] which he wrote.