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This was my childhood KanaTubeHD Haney Space Jam is a captivating, engaging, and expressive work inspired from the making of the motion picture of the same name, featuring basketball icon Michael Jordan and a cast of charming Looney Tunes personalities.

It is a collection of enthusiasm and charm, bold in expression and passionate in both it's lyrical quality and amazing variety of artists, bringing forth a broad landscape of musical style and form. I love this part of the movie l8rSyd: Bugs, Porky, Tweety, and other favorite Looney Tune characters assemble a basketball team, including Michael Jordan as a member, to defeat a group of aliens, the Nerdlucks, who are trying to enslave the Tunes as attractions in their outer space theme park.

With cartoon characters bouncing around every which way and easily slam dunking the ball, Michael's acrobatics seem minor in comparison.

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He had a pump fake and crossover like no other, R. Would this movie have been better as a completely animated feature? Funny because all that was left for my brother to do was fly, like how MJ's dad said in this scene, and now my bro is doing just that with the angels.

He would be in our backyard day and night just shooting hoops all day. Best goose bump giving opening credits to follow the young MJ lay up Slade Wind: Seal opens up the jam with the universally appealing single "Fly Like an Eagle.

Barry White and Chris Rock get the groove on with melodic blend of romance and comedy. By standing up against their potential slave masters, the Tunes' efforts are admirable, so the overall message is fairly positive.

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This is so beautiful Your name: I love basketball Slade Wind: Absolutey loved this as a kid! What's crazy is that I have a chance to do all this cause I'm 13 and 5,10 so I have a chance at doing these things at my teenagelife Mini Monies: Jokes about merchandising and Jordan's ill-fated baseball career are thrown in for the older folks, but ultimately, this film will likely fail to hold the attention of many people over the age of As for Michael, his athletic prowess need not be proven, but the mix of animation in the basketball sequences tends to trivialize his abilities.

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That must have been a really dramatic, over-hyped layup cuz there's no way that kid just casually dropped a 6 foot vertical leap on his pops to dunk that basket and you can't convince me otherwise idgaf if he can fly or not Jeremiahe Woolard whyjeffy: Salt-N-Pepa shake it up with a scintillating jam about the one you admire even though which you don't know his name, proclaiming "boy you turn me upside down.

Even tho I was born in the s I still remember the movie Silas Ohien: Quad City DJ's create more electricity with an anthem perfect for game play with the song entitled "Space Jam.

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He did baseball too for a little while, but he loved basketball more. My brother was just like this throughout his whole life, always playing basketball.

Space Jam Intro

Spin Doctors light up the track with a big-band-oriented, jazz rock fusion feel, featuring guest artist Biz Markie in the '70s dance hit "That's the Way I Like It.

AllOne lifts up the spirits and melts the heart with this hopeful ballad of trust and a promising future in "I Turn to You. While the film fails on many counts to best utilize the characters at its disposal, it's still likely to impress younger viewers, especially those without any sentimental attachment to the original Looney Tunes cartoons.

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This is so beautiful Ismael Garcia: Families can talk about whether or not they think the blending of animation and live-action in Space Jam works or not.

Continue reading Show less Talk to your kids about Kelly introduces Changing Faces and Jay-Z into the mix with "All of My Days," a mix of hip-hop, expressive rap, and honest melodic harmonies.

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When the movies were twice as good as today's, that from so much computer effect you get your aesthetic eyes, nothing compares to these times, not today, not ever.