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The shape of the katana, works muchbetter for both slashing even through armourand stabbing. As he is walking, the Spartan emerges from behind a giant rock and eyes the Samurai. The Spartan tries spartan vs samurai yahoo dating hit the Samurai with his Spear, but the Samurai dodges and picks up his Naginata.

Rajput defeated roman centurion One of the most loopsided match 29 Attila the Hun vs Alexander the Great It was ashamed that Alexander lost but it was still a good fight. He pulls out the sword and watches as blood spurts from the Samurai's neck.

Well Musashi did kill Kojiro aka Ganryu Kojiro and he rockos modern life dating a nodachi. Maori Warrior I love the Shaolin and Maori culture and fight styles.

This might not be too much of a factor, as one spartan vs samurai yahoo dating for either fighter could end the fight, but extra armor could turn a devastating hit into a glancing blow.

Spartan vs Samurai who will win

Samurai keep it in motion to provide the most damage. Knight - Loose code of chivalry. Point there, Katanas aren't designed to trade blows with each other for long and they aren't designed to slice through metal, though it is possible, so Samurai's are trained to kill in as few strikes as possible, to find the weak points and to do so as a single warrior; not a mass unit.

The Spartan swings the Shield into the Samurai's face and knocks him to the ground.

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What the Spartans did do was hold back the invading army of Xerxes for a long enough time to allow Xerxes to do some serious thinking about what he might be getting himself into and it allowed the rest of the Greek States to get their stuff together to stave off total subjugation by the Persians.

The Spartans won some, lost some.

Samurai vs spartan

The Spartans did not war separately against the Persians. The Samurai trained and studied warfare until they died. To make sure that a fluke hit doesn't decide the outcome, the battle will be simulated one thousand times.

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Samurai because of the bow and arrow use, no waste of time as assisting knights and variety of weapons Code of Honor: The only way the pirate won was by knocking the knight off his feet so the knight couldn't get up in his heavy armor which allowed the pirate to finish him off with a flintlock to his exposed forehead.

His blunderbuss didn't even shoot half the time and gernade only disoriented his opponent vs a warrior who could beag him to death with his steal covered hands Not only did the pirate win but dominated - Poop2 25 Comanche vs.

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They didn't go around duelling all the damn time. He may or may not have a spear.

Drow Elf vs ANBU

It is very hard to see how a samurai army, or one samurai versus one spartan will win. But two of the Drow sees it happening and fire their hand crossbows hitting him in the chest killing him. Whoever wins most of the fights wins the last fight.

Viking is pretty talented and skilled and he totally did a good job in the fight.

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But as he goes to help him he is cut off by the Drow leader appearing in front of him, he brings his Ninjato up but due to the wound he received earlier is unable to hold him off to long and The Drow leader plunges his long sword into his heart.

Suddenly The ANBU who was hanging on the ceiling drops down behind him and exit's the room closing the door. Infamously sharp and powerful swords and spears can cut through bone, flesh and even bamboo. How in the hell can you ever expect there to be parity there? The rail breaks but the Drow grabs him and pulls him down with him the two crashing on the counter smashing it to pieces.

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KGB Just watched this episode tonight, it was awesome. I liked the comment the german tester said about the pujati stakes, "This is like going to war with the Flintstones! Joan of Arc vs William the conqueror In this episode they featured their first female warrior.

The Spartan jumps down from the rock and towards the Samurai, knocking the arrow away with his Spartan Shield. You were joking about 2 lions being able to slaughter a flock of sheep?

I think that's one of the reasons why they made the Spartan win because of his shield but also because the hosts were favoring the Spartan. Sure the Spartan was good fighter when it came to one on one but the Samurai's fighting skills were specifically meant for one on one confrontations.

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The Spartans biggest advantage will be the movie Spartans were lethal soldiers for sure but no more than any other trained killing machine. One Drow wielding a Mace charges him and attacks him. The Samurai is going to be accustomed to spears and will most likely know how to defend and counter against one.

Kimmuriel slams his mace into his target's head and does damage to it. The Spartan, however, blocks it with his Shield and shoves the Samurai away. Ming warrior vs French Musketeer A very interesting match up, it was funny how the French Canadian tv show host was favoring the French Musketeers but you can't really blame him.

Leonidas vs Aragorn

He gets out a knife and going low cuts him in the leg making the ANBU curse in pain. I think that much advance in military technology and tactics might give them a slight edge? Therefore to these statements, samurais will win in a battle against a ninja in direst combat due to the fact that they wear armors.

The ANBU has the advantage due to being up higher as the two fight their way up the stairs trading attacks. Duh, I know it was not supposed to be taken literally What do you think the smiley was there for? It's kind of depressing knowing that I will probably only see the tip of the iceberg, even with professional education on Japanese history.

The ninja is not trained to fight on a battlefield. Medieval armies would destroy Spartans.