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We bring you details about selected places - minimum and maximum temperature in all months, number of rainy days and amount of precipitation typically rain or snow in millimetres.

Westminster Abbey is perfect for a cooler day where you can marvel at the gothic architecture and learn about the famous faces who walked through its doors.

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Thanks to dressed up avatars on the site you will quickly solve the problem what to wear and easily decide to take umbrella or sunglasses. With Auburn trees lining the streets and late summer sunshine, London can often be very picturesque during this time of the year.

London Weather Forecast Seasons in London London is a great city to visit all year round, the city experiences the 4 traditional seasons and each one brings the city to life in a new way. Snowfall is rare in London, but expect plenty of intermittent drizzle from December, through January.

Autumn in London September to November The autumn time is still a popular time to visit London, as temperatures can still be fairly warm during September and October with the cooler weather hitting the city in November. Make the most of the summer and see London the alternative way.


Overall rainfall is highest in November and August 64 mm and 59mm respectively and is lowest in March and April 37mm each. For details of the many festivals and events during these months, check out our London events calendar.

You can find out the time of sunrise and sunset, day length and information of moon phase as well. Home Weather in London The general perception of London weather being eternally wet and grey is actually not deserved. While London weather is unpredictable, the average annual osudovy mejdan online dating is not especially high, and the city is generally warmer temperature-wise than the rest of the UK.

Why not take a visit to Kew Gardenswhen all the flowers are out in bloom? Typical weather If you plan your travel to United Kingdom long time in advance, then look at information about typical usual weather in this place in your date.

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We run popular speed dating in London events at trendy, exclusive bars in Clapham, Islington, the West End, and in the City. National meteorological institutes, World Meteorological Organization and openweathermap. London, in common with the rest of England, has a temperate maritime climate, meaning that while the seasons are well-defined, temperatures do not run to extremes.

Temperatures don't often drop below freezing and snow isn't common — although occasionally London does experience heavy snowfall and an army of snowmen pop up all over the city!

London Weather Forecast for Tomorrow

Learn a little more about the weather during your planned trip to the city… Springtime in London March to May London comes alive during the spring as temperatures rise to 12C to 18C on average but days can often feel much warmer when the city is basked in sunshine.

London Speed Dating Venues. Why not grab yourself a ticket to one of our upcoming London speed dating events today and let us take care of the rest!? If you want to spend successfully your weekend there's also a function of the weather forecast in London just for the weekend.

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Daily weather forecast in London will help you to avoid catching a cold if suddenly evening becomes cold, windy and rainy. It is recommended you pack protection from the sun during hot days, especially when sightseeing and spending long days outside.

London Weather Today & Current Conditions, UK

A big problem is a weather forecast for mountains - there is often erratic inconsistent weather and even in a small area there are different kinds of weather even a few kilometers apart.

You can chat about anything you like and hopefully at the end of the evening, you will be looking forward to meeting up with at least one person you have dated at the event. Please do not forget: Autumn in London, from mid-September to November, is the wettest time of year.

Discover the works of Michelangelo to Monet, and everything in between — a great way to stay warm and dry!

Weather in London, United Kingdom, Europe - 5 and 10 days forecasts

It can sometimes snow in London during the winter and the city can look stunning under a blanket of snow. September and October is trade exhibition and art fair season in London, with loads to see and do, indoors and out.

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Going outside or planning your trip in advance the best way to avoid an awkward situation, like staying under the rain without umbrella or to be dressed up lightly in cold weather, is to check weather forecast.

What to pack for a holiday in London The best way to plan your wardrobe for a trip to London, any time of year, is in layers.

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Embrace the opportunities that speed dating in London affords. Keep in mind that the weather is probably changing due to global warming. The weather forecast for 1 day is usually very reliable - its reliability is typically much over 90 percent, but for more days the reliability is much lower.

Londoners get used to carrying both an umbrella and sunglasses to be prepared for all eventualities!

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If you are travelling at the end of june, look at july as well, for the end of august look at september as well, for the end of november look at the december as well, for the beginning of february look at january as well etc. Sunshine cannot be guaranteed, even in summer — drizzly, grey days are just as likely to occur as dry, sunny ones.

This page covers weather for one area - United Kingdom.

London, UK

No one can deny the fact that London is a great city, overflowing with potential when it comes to finding love, especially at our London speed dating events.

Weather forecast London for a week, for 10 days, for a month shows the weather trend for several days. Make sure you bring a warm coat, scarf and hat when visiting the city during these cold months.

Weather data from meteorological stations are processed every hour, so it gives the opportunity to provide the most accurate forecast, even hourly weather. The capital of England, London; what a place to live, work or come out and play at a speed dating event in London!

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Sacrifice fashion for comfort, and be warned that even in mid-winter you will find yourself stripping off the woollies indoors — the Brits tend to overdo the central heating! If you plan your holidays for example for the beginning of may, look at the april weather as well.

Information about weather forecast Weather forecasting is a very old discipline.

BBC - Weather Centre - Forecast for London, United Kingdom

Weather forecast in London for today will help to determine the air temperature, probability of precipitation, get data about wind direction and speed, atmospheric pressure and air humidity, and how these data will change throughout the day.

Autumn days in London are crisp, cool and pleasant, with the added advantage that the summer crowds have dissipated. Come speed dating in London and you can meet countless single people in one night in a fun, safe environment. Take this in account please when reading the information on this page.

Rainfall is relatively low in total during spring, but it comes in frequent showery bursts, making an umbrella and rain-coat useful accessories.