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Wed, 08 Aug The software of the database was developed in the framework of a contract with the Cheapest broadband plans in bangalore dating Communication of the European Commission and owned by the European Union represented by the European Commission.

While every care has been taken to ensure accuracy, no guarantee is given that the material is free from error or omission. Five countries sign deal to end dispute Five countries agree to share the resource-rich Caspian Sea after more than two decades of dispute.

If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to address them.

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Fri, 10 Aug In sport1 tv hungary online dating significant number of cases the identification of the company providing on-demand audiovisual services, and hence of the country of establishment of the services, is based on rational assumptions by the expert and analysts feeding the database.

World Architecture Festival shortlist A research centre in Riyadh, a village lounge in rural China and a mosque without a minaret in Iran are among the projects shortlisted in the World Architecture Festival Awards Whilst the software of the database is property of the European Union, the European Audiovisual Observatory is the owner of its content, with the exception of elements provided by third parties, in particular Lyngemark Satellite providing information on the line-up of satellite channels and Bureau Van Dijk providing information on the addresses of companies.

Truth-seeking scientists run for office "Scientists are not natural politicians There's a debate in Sweden over their reliability after women reported unwanted pregnancies.

Former aide taped 'Trump phone call' Omarosa Manigault Newman's recording suggests the US president did not know she had been fired. In particular, the criteria used to include audiovisual services television, on-demand audiovisual services in the database are not completely similar to those defined by the European Directive on Audiovisual Services or by the transposition of this Directive in the national laws of Member States.

The data collection process of information on the European television and on-demand audiovisual markets by the European Audiovisual Observatory is partly made possible in the context of a framework contract with the DG Communication of the European Commission and specific contracts with this DG for television and DG for Communications Networks Content and Technology for on-demand audiovisual services.

The data collection process has benefited from the help of the European Platform of Regulatory Authorities.

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In particular, an important number of on-demand audiovisual services accessible through distribution platforms do not provide clear identification of the company providing services. Battle-torn Ghazni residents 'can't find food' People in Ghazni are facing food and medicine shortages as a Taliban assault continues, the UN warns.

Thu, 09 Aug Reference herein to any specific service included linked websites does not necessarily constitute or imply its endorsement, recommendation, or promotion by the European Audiovisual Observatory, or the European Commission. Heroes and villains of Nigeria's parliament siege Scenes resembling a coup Nigeria have left many scratching their heads.

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Do pregnancy prevention apps work? Fresh news Turkey accuses US of 'stab in back' as currency woes persist Moves to ease Turkey's economic woes fail to stop market turmoil as Turkey's row with US deepens. The fact that a television service or an on-demand audiovisual service is included in the database does not represent a position from the Observatory, from the European Commission or from any regulatory authority regarding its legal situation.

Our goal is to keep this information timely and accurate.

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Beijing denies detaining one million Beijing says reports of mass detentions are untrue, but admits sending some to "re-education centres". Mon, 13 Aug Sun, 12 Aug Moon to visit Pyongyang in September South Korea is trying to persuade the North to take concrete steps towards nuclear disarmament.

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