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I'm not really sure why it works.

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What about Gnasty Gnorc? Hey, what's on the other side of that river?

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Hold your horns, here comes Spyro! Gnasty Gnorc- I was able to get both key thieves really quickly which was a relief.

Spyro the Dragon

Hello Spyro, nicely done. Also, each defeated bad guy yields a gem and end bosses hold several gems. For being great friends to chill with and enjoy our childhoods together. I'm ready, all right! There's lots of enemy RNG with how they move around, and thus how quickly I can grab their gems.

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Remember that these blue thieves haven't stolen eggs only in the Magic Crafter world. Try combining supercharge with jumping and gliding Each world consists of a home or hub area, three regular levels, one flight level and one boss level.

Stone Hill[ edit ] Lindar: This skip also allows me to skip doing Sunny Flight, and replace it with Icy Flight.

But a quick flame, that should defeat them. When you free a dragon or step on one of their platforms, you're saving your progress. If I were you, I'd use that whirlwind there.

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That wizard is notably effortless to get in PAL as he moves much slower. Blowhard[ edit ] Altair: Then you can challenge the Gnorc himself. Using some Supercharge exploiting, I reach the far out island early, as well as get to the last island early.

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Thanks for releasing me. When you charge jump you reach your max speed instantly. Use the triangle button when you want to zoom in and look around. Do you know what the dragonfly following you is doing? But you are not yet ready, Spyro.

This is my first submitted run, so I'm hoping I don't botch these comments too much lol. I tell you what to do with those creatures I was able to get the early cycle on the ground druid and get to him before he raised it up, which saved a few seconds.

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Free ten dragons in the Artisans world, then find the balloonist. This level has the other wall glide you will see, which lets me skip straight to the end. You all know who you are. Not really a trick, but each dragon has a spot Spyro walks to for that cutscene before they'll break open.

You've done well, Spyro. This is the only dragon that this can be done with as far as I am aware. That could be useful if you run into trouble. I hate those bugs. It seems like I've been trapped in here since I was your age.

You've learned a lot since you were a young glider. Welcome to Wizard Peaks. That's all I can tell you. He'll transport you to the next world.

Easily the closest friend I've made from speedrunning. However the level itself was pretty sloppy in terms of movement.

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Each of the flight realms features chests, excluding bonus level Gnasty's Loot. I went for a glide during the cutscene after hitting him the first time, but it didn't give me much distance. This boss has many tricks up his sleeve.