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Light paint spray on the top of the knob. Nice dark rosewood stanley bedrock 604 plane dating and tall knob have some minor tool-box dings.

Stanley Bedrocks

Very crisp dark rosewood handle and tall knob. Stanley surely must have perceived some threat from Sargent over this, although the Sargent line of planes incorporating Shaw's patent aren't all that common.

Rosewood handle and tall knob are crisp with minor dings. A very nice early plane. Additionally, the Bed Rocks originally featured the frog adjustment mechanism that was patented by Schade on Sep.

Understand that neither Stanley nor any other manufacturer followed type studies. Nice nickel plating on the cap. The 18 95 and 19 10 patent dates are cast in the bed. This feature was more of a gimmick than anything else, but it soon found favor amongst hand c.j.

perry dating across America. It is in original condition, so I am leaving it the way it is, the top of the cutter may game hook up to your tv for kids late 90 early 2018 been lightly cleaned.

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A very nice user, Fine This innovation was soon 'copied' by Edmund Schade, who came up with another way to accomplish the same function, on March 14, The Stanley catalog offers a comparison, with the no.

This change was advertised as adding significantly to the strength and stiffness of the plane as well as affording an increased area when the plane is used on its sides, a claim that is rather dubious as Bed Rocks can be found with cracks about the main casting in this supposed strengthened area.

The dark rosewood handle and tall knob are quite crisp with some minor tool-box dings. Miscellaneous The Bed Rock line included pretty much the same assortment as the Bailey line, with the omission of a numberwhich was never produced.

It's a neat and efficient frog adjusting mechanism, but its real merit is somewhat questionable since frog adjusting is not something done with any regularity, like, say, adjusting the plane's set depth of cut. Interestingly, Stanley used the same numbering system for the Bed Rocks as the Stanley bedrock 604 plane dating for the first 2 years of manufacture.

What if a plane were offered that had a frog design where its entire bottom mated with a corresponding area in the bottom casting?

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A great user, Fine Has the 19 02 patent dates and the frog-adjusting screw. The introduction of the frog adjusment screw to the Bailey series left the Bed Rocks without any real distinguishing pizazz, other than the bright red label used on the boxes of the planes, as the lever cap still had to be removed to gain access to the screws that secured the frog to the main casting in order to adjust the frog in the first place.

Again, as described in a Stanley catalog: There's sure to be megabucks reaped with this design. Dark rosewood handle and tall knob are crisp but have a few chips to the finish. The early, forward-sweeping rosewood handle and low knob are very nice with a few scuffs.

Frog screwing, thought the stuff of the plane lover's fancy, soon swept America, and it was inevitable that this mechanism would be added to the Bailey design, which it was ca. Other than the stuff I list above, there are some other telltale ways to date your Bed Rocks.

These planes can suffer the same general damage that the Baileys can, and for a description of that damage, refer to the 3 of the Bailey series.

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Rosewood handle and tall knob are very nice. The frog and the Bottom are so perfectly fitted together, that from the Plane Iron to the Bottom, the Plane is as one solid piece of metal.

As with those planes, the "C" designation means that the plane has corrugations in the sole for reducing friction as the plane forms a vacuum with the wood ; the "C" doesn't appear on the plane.

It's a lucky thing, too, that he did invent this otherwise it probably would have been impossible for Stanley to justify the Bed Rocks; i.

So someone at Stanley, Justus Traut the dude who gave us the 45et alsniffed out a marketing opportunity here. Apparently there was a dispute over the Schade patent, because those sold for the first year or two have the Sept.

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WWII spelled the end for these planes, as it did for many other tools that Stanley had offered for years. The dark rosewood handle and tall knob are very crisp.

This was provided to prevent the frog from shifting side to side, and guaranteed that the frog would move at a right angle to the mouth when the frog was adjusted. The stained hardwood handle and tall knob are crisp but there is some wear to the finish.

Virtually all of the nickel plating on the cap.

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Notched-rectangle logo on the cutter, which is near full-length, and was made in Feburary, Sure woulda made me want to spend the extra 50 cents average price difference to buy one of these babies back ca. Where the casting rises up around the frog, on either side of the frog, the tops are lopped off flat, instead of the normal round sides found on the earlier Bed Rocks and the Baileys.

Very, very nice plane. For example, while the frog base design was arguably superior, it was a feature that was not readily apparent unless one were to disassemble the plane.

For such a seemingly minor difference, the Bed Rock planes were offered at a premium over the Bailey's, and it was a design that never seemed to be very static nor nearly as popular as Stanley's wildly successful Bailey line.

These planes are, for all intents and purposes, nothing but a variation of the more popular Bailey series.

Stanley bedrock plane

The only apology is a hang-hole in the front. Has some patina on the bare-metal surfaces, Fine So there you have it, a frog that mates with the bottom casting over its the frog's full length and is self-centering as well this design remained static during the entire production of the Bed Rock series.

The cutter was manufactured in February, Since the primary difference between the two models is in their frog designs, most of what follows is paid to that minutiae. The rosewood handle and knob are very nice, with a few tool-box dings. By backing off the screws, the pressure on the pins is relieved, and the frog can be moved forward or backward by turning the frog adjustment screw.

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First, the basic frog design of the Bed Rock needs explanation. This swell feature had already been solved a few years earlier by one of Stanley's main competitors, Sargent, located in New Haven, CT, just a short trip south of New Britain.

Click here to see a blow-by-blow description from the hands of Stanley's propaganda machine. Nice rosewood handle and tall knob are very crisp, but have some tool-box dings. There is some light patina on the bare metal surfaces.

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Adjusting the frog forward increases the set, and adjusting it backward decreases the set. Hey, think how much Joe Meatball's daily existence was bettered simply by saving him from having to remove the lever cap, and then backing off the two frog securing screws to adjust the frog, something that's done at least once or twice a month or two.

Most of these tools were on life support anyway, and the war was the final nail in the coffin, the Bed Rocks included. Think Stanley's complaint department had its phones ringing off the hook over this?

On the plus side, however, you have another mechanism for adjusting the iron's set should you ever break the adjusting fork - who would have guessed that Stanley invented fault tolerant planing without their ever realizing it?

Minor roughness on the sole, Fine