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It definitely broke immersion.


On the first game he was very tight about things, and that's very common for people who are new to writing and seeing someone perform their work.

Well, you put a camera on me and I'm going to be moving around! I think we've been more confident with this in Force Unleashed 2. Bigger performances work better in Star Wars. This redesign was reused in the Ultimate Sith Edition of the game. It was a discovery process for us as well.

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You may get the performance, but then the engineers will say, 'we were overblown on that one line'. Even still, had Disney not bought LucasArts and had The Force Unleashed series sold slightly better, maybe Starkiller could have ended up in Star Wars Rebels and maybe the whole thing could have become canon.

We're not necessarily looking for the next George Clooney, but… Are there still some prejudices against acting in video games?

We'll say we've got this hilarious sequence, and Darragh's like, 'no, it's not funny'. The Clone Wars is already successful.

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All of that research informed how I approached these roles, and fans seem to think that it feels right. From toWitwer had been cast as Davis Bloome for the eighth season of Smallville. But somewhere along the line it'll usually benefit me.

I really feel like, in a weird way, I've put my time in and I'm ready for that type of opportunity. And Hollywood is taking notice of that, it's important. With the likeness capture, we thought, rather than going for voice-over actors, we had to look for on-camera actors — that's what we did across the board.

And it would have to be after Episode VII. But Sam has been hugely involved throughout the whole process. Sam's such a dynamic actor though.

In both TFU 1 and 2, we did table reads and all the actors were there before shooting. I didn't stay put.

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Are you pushing to do any live action work for LucasFilm? And they said, "Didn't Sam tell you?

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Through all his years of repertory theatre, through the Ealing comedies and that magisterial work with David Lean, Alec Guiness would never have had to say anything like, "And these blast points, too accurate for Sandpeople. It's been hugely beneficial for us.

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Generally, line counts and logistics don't allow for that, but with this game we felt it was important. But there are times when it doesn't work. He later voiced Maul in the season finale for that season, and a few episodes for the third season.

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I've portrayed a lot of Star Wars characters, and they've been very different from each other. We had conversations about the difference between shooting a TV show and shooting for a video game.

And as a Star Wars fan Sam knew that. It just has to be that way. Is Force Unleashed all about pain and torment?

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However, LucasArts wasn't necessarily as concerned with story for The Force Unleashed as it was concerned with technology. I'll send actors your way, but I'm not going to tell them why.

He was referring to the tortured sci-fi exactness of lines like, "It'll take a few moments to get the coordinates from the navi-computer," but it's the whole arcane language and terminology of the Star Wars universe that must befuddle some actors.

We also have that third part of the story that Haden Blackman and I have talked about that's really wonderful. Abrams was like, "Yeah, let's call in Sam Witwer for an audition," I'd feel like I could do a pretty good job in that audition room, because I think I understand this stuff.

There was a scene that we shot that took about 24 takes — we called it The Widowmaker.

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For LucasArts, this game has always been about character, and I've been dragged along on that process. Hasbro has made multiple action figures of Starkiller, along with the rest of the characters in Star Wars: We would never have had the courage to do that on the first game because, if it doesn't work, you have six seconds of nothing, just a character model looking slack-jawed.

This time, there's no mission. Learn more about our copyright and trademark policies HERE. I don't think we've ever had an actor who gives that much energy and passion in front of the microphone.

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Initially, back in the day, there was a lot of resistance from big name actors because they couldn't control the final quality. There have been rumours of a TV series In a TV show, you give it your all then you take a break and go back to your trailer, because they've got to do another set up.

Starkiller reappears in this suit in the game's Ultimate Sith Edition, which continues the dark-side path as a "what if" story. The Force Unleashed, and gave his voice and likeness to the imperfect genetic replicas and the Dark Apprentice in Star Wars: It wasn't just me being a fan and feeling like, "Okay, I'm ready to do this role!

When Darragh was tasked with casting Force Unleashed, Sam's name came up and we had this concept art created by a really talented artist here named Amy Beth Christenson, and Starkiller just looked a lot like Sam.

It's funny, because there was an audition for a very important role in an upcoming Clone Wars season, and I was suggesting some friends of mine read for the role -- and I was also reading for the role.

I have that art on the wall in my apartment! So did you use full performance capture in Force Unleashed 2? Starkiller was voiced by and given the likeness of Samuel Witwer. Fromhe portrays Mr. You've got the most heroic character, who's Luke Skywalker. These two really put me through my paces.

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It was chilling to watch. But this was acting for 45 minutes. You know, a little bit. We'd do a scene and it didn't feel particularly Star Wars, so Darragh would say 'faster, more intense! I feel that I could do a decent job with it.

But you look at Starkiller and he's me, he even walks like me — I showed the animators how I thought he should walk and they took that onboard.

I'm very happy that Starkiller, gets to say, 'I have a bad feeling about this.