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At the automotive drag racing event, Hot Rod Magazine Drag Week, the co-pilot who rides along with the entrant and helps maintain the car all week is known as the Trunk Monkey.

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The Trunk Monkey is also portrayed as an effective theft deterrent, as seen in one commercial where the chimpanzee knocks out a would-be car thief and throws him off suburban trunk monkey videos dating bridge.

Suburban Auto Group Trunk Monkey #4 - Thrown off a Bridge

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Trunk Monkey - Slang[ edit ] The term was introduced by "Rasher" in in the southern UK as a slang term for field service engineer's labourers.

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Make sure that the material you choose will provide maximum comfort and allow you to perform at your best. Riding is not the safest activity on planet earth.

Suburban's Trunk Monkey Ads

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The button is pressed in situations not found in the user's manual such as handling irate drivers in traffic, dealing with unruly children throwing eggs at the car, negotiating with highway patrol officers after being pulled over, helping deliver a child when a nearby hospital is not accessible, or dispatching a gang in the parking lot.

In addition, your custom gaming jersey is a great way to announce your team to the gaming industry.

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The chimpanzee also administers first aid to the driver after an accident. What happens when you cross a kid named Mac and a Mountain Bike? In one or two large bowls mix Chex Mix with pecan halves and crumbled bacon. The trunk monkey then returned to the van until called again.

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Pour bacon grease into a Pyrex measuring cup. Therefore, make sure that it is best suited to the team. Select the Best Logo that Suits the Team. The original concept of a "Trunk Monkey" was a small stuffed animal placed in the trunk of a vehicle which came alive and jumped from side to side to help distribute weight during "spirited driving maneuvers".