Janemba vs Kid Buu (ジャネンバ VS 魔人ブウ 純粋) Janemba vs Kid Buu (ジャネンバ VS 魔人ブウ 純粋)

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SSB Goku vs Kid Buu and Janemba

Again, please see the suggested template above for more details. Super Janemba Goku already stated that Janemba not Super Janemba was the greatest power he had ever sensed. Unsure of a good way to make your fight more interesting than just "X Character vs.

Apologies go a long way if you mess up. Super Buu was nothing to Ultimate Gohan.

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Saiyan extreme talk To resolve this topic, I will use the Powers Level. He is exceedingly evil, powerful, and utterly insane. All you've proven is that Kid Buu is stronger than a small portion of Gohan's power.

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However, the two are still very singles dating software in power, but I still believe Janemba could pull a win. So, officially, the power of S.

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Not sure anymore-- Ssj3gogeta96 talk Regardless, i still believe Super Buu to be stronger than Janemba. Given that Super Buu alone would already smash Goku, it seems that Buuhan, possessing the combined strength of Ultimate Gohan and Buutenks, would eliminate Goku even more easily than Janemba did.

I just think janemba has better feats. For a guide on flairing and how to filter out flairs you don't like, click here.

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We know this for a couple reasons. Let's look at their power. SSJ3 Goku was outclassed by Janemba, although he did manage to get a few good hits in, and also admitted that he would be defeated by Super Buu.

If you see a large number of posts about a character, try someone else.

Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai

We encourage the upvoting of all relevant content, and have a wide definition of what's acceptable. Super Janemba lost to S. Any posts that do not promote evidence-based debate. Nevertheless, the price paid for Gohan's devastating power was a decrease in his own evil, making him the "nicest" of all the Super Buus.

Kid Buu vs Janemba

That means it's at least over 6 Ultimate Gohans. All posts must be flaired. Kid Buu or something. Evolve 20 talk Both of them were stronger than SSJ3 Goku by a margain, and both of them would have been annihilated by a fusion of Goku and Vegeta.

His power is enough to be able to rip holes in dimensions just by scremaing, but only by fusing into Vegito are they able to beat him.

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But many people claim its Janemba. For example, "You are given the powers of the protagonist of the last film you saw.

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If you do not properly flair your post, or reply incorrectly to a post because you didn't know the difference between 'casual' and 'writing prompt', you agree to forfeit to us your soul in perpetuity or another soul of equal or greater value. Always admit it up front if you're unfamiliar with a character.

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