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Overall visuals in A Place Further than the Universe is a masterpiece of art thanks to great directing and stunning visuals. A couple of Klingon sisters from the Duras Family. Bineinteles, pentru asta suntem surori. Honestly, do I really need to say it? The one thing that I adore about the anime is the visual directing, in fact, the visual directing is good it overwhelms the great writing of the story that is honestly very impressive.

The story was great.

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The main girls were very well written as well having complex backstories that were believable and well told to the viewer.

For example in the first couple of minutes of episode 1 the show establishes the main character Mari who is an adventurous girl even though she never went for an adventure herself in her whole life however as she finally decided to take the first step towards her adventure of we get some use existent swelling music, however, the train leaves the station and we see Mari standing there.

You soon going to find out. You know, I had 1 1 brothers and sisters. Suggest an example Results: The story was amazing filled with great writing, world-building, themes, and pacing.

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We get the sisters to bind Wyatt's powers. Even more than the liquidating gold assets in greece theme.

Brothers and sisterswe are engaged in a struggle for survival. We had a psychological profile drawn up on both of the sisters. The characters were wonderful and developed, the visuals were brilliant, and the soundtrack and voice acting were great.

Brothers and sistersI bring you condolences for this incredible tragedy. There are more great symbolism and visuals in this but this was one of the best examples of this show amazing visual directing.

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Yoshiaki Fujisawa did a great job with the soundtrack adding more emotional impact to the series. The next shot showcases Mari shoes being wet and that shot alone perfectly symbolize the real world the reality of leaving the school and going on this adventure was is actually more complex then she thought at first.

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The characters in A Place Further than the Universe are fantastic. Oh well least with got the Japanese audio which was amazing as every Seiyuu did a great job with the roles especially with the four main girls.

You obviously know very little about the rivalry of sisters.

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The character interactions for the four main girls were outstanding as each girl of the have great interactions with each other plus the way the four main girls react to comedic and emotional moments were outstanding to a point where they actually felt like real high school girls.

One thing that I love about the show is how adventurous it is. We are nursing sisters of the Australian Army General Hospital.

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Two young sisters who're the toast of the Officers' Mess. You won't regret it.


Seriously every time you watch an episode of this show you always feel like your actually going on an adventure with the four main girls. Both the Waters sisters were referenced in the painting. All four of our sisters have passed their examinations.

I honestly never expected this show to dominate the whole winter 18 season and am glad it did because the show is a perfect example how to make a good modern anime. However out of all the anime from the Winter 18 season A Place Further than the Universe quietly became a big hit and unlike any other new show from this season, it was actually good.

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Sure, that's what sisters are for. This show was honestly a blessing to the winter 18 anime season from mediocrity hell. How did this show become so good that it single-handedly dominated the Winter 18 anime season?

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The ending theme Koko kara, Koko kara sung by the voice actors for the 4 main girls is an awesome ending theme that I adore to no end. These women aren't just sisters It's also very catchy.

Femeile nu sunt doar surori One day she encounters a girl named Shirase Kobuchizawa who has been saving up so she can travel to Antarctica to find her missing mother.

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My brother and sister kandorians