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Hayes had one request for doomed Doug — that he go out fighting. Seaforth Hayes ended up returning to the show in without her husband, and writers then tried pairing Julie with villainous Victor John Aniston.

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Their affair lasted two years before she began preparing for a divorce. Things with Doug came to a halt, however, when he refused flirtspin review times bring her son with them on a trip to Portafino.

She was finally cleared when Larry's assistant owned up to the killing.

Biography of Susan Seaforth Hayes (excerpt)

She stuck around town, befriending Milly Brinker and nearly got killed when a bomb exploded at a party. Unfortunately he began robbing her blind and then an oven explosion caused severe injuries to her face.

Owner of the Spectator Past: Or, as executive producer Ken Corday susan seaforth hayes relationships dating it, "There's no light at the end of the tunnel. Editors selected them for the cover image.

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When Doug was busted for drugs, Larry took the opportunity to rape Julie, an event which left her deeply traumatized and turned away from the world. After months of confused agony, it came out that Doug and Kim had been long divorced and this left Julie and Doug the chance to be married.

But construction was delayed, so the year-old GMT is now staging a fall production of the Broadway musical "42nd Street. Bad luck for him that Lee wasn't going to let that happen and had Julie shot instead. When Hope started taking sleeping pills after she and Bo separated, Julie worried about her.

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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. This gave her the chance to slip back into Doug's life. They're back in Africa and let Hope and Bo know they'd look for clues about who Alice was sending money to all these years.

Even from a distance however, Lee continued to fight them, turning Hope against them. Julie helped Hope get ready for her wedding. But the reality is you can only do so much.


Her mother, Elizabeth Harrower —was an actress and screenwriter who eventually became a part of the writing teams of The Young and the Restless and Days of Our Lives. When she turned it down, her former Days costar Susan Flannery took the role.

Fallon turned it into a viral moment, inviting Hayes down to the sofa for an impromptu on-air interview and further proving how his talent has withstood the test of time.

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Much later, Doug and Julie helped Bo with his surprise for Hope and were there for the renewal of Bo and Hope's wedding vows.

The couple who adopted him, Scott and Janet Banning, moved into Salem but it wasn't until some time later that Julie would learn that their child was her son. She began dating her doctor and received another surgery which actually turned out well.

Hayes and Ty Hardin Things weren't going anywhere with Doug, so Julie found yet another man, Bob Anderson, and married him quickly after. This came to an end when he was killed by his wife and Julie was left pregnant with his child.

To protect him, she confessed, but they both ended up being cleared. Although she escaped with minor injuries, it let her meet a doctor who she dated.

Useful information about Julie Williams

After a fearsome quarrel, he sped of into the night in a car and drove off a bridge. Seaforth appeared in the TV Series Cheyenne in the episode, "The Bad Penny", portraying a young murderess avenging the hanging of her outlaw father.

Although she attempted to have reconstructive surgery, it failed and she sought a divorce since, she presumed, Doug wouldn't want her anymore. Seaforth Hayes joined "Days" in and met her husband, actor Bill Hayes, on the show. Renee DiMera was soon killed and Julie's son, David, became the prime suspect.

He shipped out after his daughter was conceived and remained overseas for thirty-three months; during this time, Harrower returned to her family home in Berkeley.

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She named the baby after his father and then passed him on to be adopted. Excited, she rushed out to see him but fell and suffered a miscarriage.

★ Susan Seaforth Hayes Address

She was in 2 separate episodes of "Cheyenne" with Clint Walker in It should be running into the next century. By the next year she had bounced back with a new man, Don Craig, who she became engaged to.

Things got trickier when she later discovered that her mother was on death's door. Hope was eventually released and Julie and Doug returned from their travels for the opening of the Horton Town Square.

Bill Hayes and Susan Seaforth Hayes Reflect on Decades of ‘Days of our Lives’

Within months, she was bored and decided to ditch him, carrying his child with her and running back to Doug. This worked out to her favor and kept Doug around out of sympathy. Created by William J. A's City College, and the stack of books at her deskside reflects an intense interest in the American West and diverse Native American cultures.

Seaforth Hayes had a number of featured roles on prime-time television in the s, s, and s. The Spoleto Festival U.

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With her son thought dead, Julie was crushed but soon received news that he was alive. This turned out to be a problem because Doug's real wife, Kim Douglas, arrived in Salem with news that he was not who he claimed to be. Moving on with her life, she brought her brother back from Paris and opened her own antique shop.

After she was put in a sanitarium, Doug and Julie got back together.